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  • [Feedback] Monetization Blog

    I just finished reading the recent producer blog on how monetization will work in GMS2 and I have to say I really like the direction Nexon is taking this so far. I have VERY high hopes for MapleStory 2 and look forward to playing it. I think the made the right call on banking that players will be more happy to spend their merets on amazing fashion and style , rather than buying stats.

    One question I do have about the style crates though. It mentions that you can recycle items gained from the Style Crate for coins to redeem for "other vanity items or rare outfits". Does this mean that ALL outfits in the style crate will be redeemable for these coins? Will they all be the same price or will some cost more than others?
  • Theory Crash and Burn Scheme

    Nexon has been doing alot of reforming actually , GMS2 has announced tons of player feedback driven features. But did you also know that they recently moved their headquarters? It's now in Irvine California, Rather than El Segundo. They mention they made this move to reflect a "culture change" in their company. The new building has lots of new goodies for employees including on site Gym , Stream rooms etc.

    And even if they do throw a P2W feature into MS2 down the line , I don't think it will be that terrible because unlike almost every other MMORPG out there, MS2 has much more to it than stats and gear scores. Socializing , playing Mini-games , chatting to people , designing / wearing UGC , making houses, playing and creating music , and they're working on giving us the ability to design our own dungeons as well.

    Anyways, I have to throw shade at KOG again but,
    I doubt Nexon could bring me a greater disappointment than "The Pause of HeroWarz" (R.I.P.) so my hopes for GMS2 are high . Will it reach the same popularity that MS1 did back in the day? Probably not. And yea I do think this whole Mushking Royale is kinda killing the hype and giving new players a bad impression of the game. Not sure why they did this , maybe they genuinely thought we'd enjoy it , or maybe they're prototyping a Battle Royale game that they are developing themselves.
  • [WINNERS] Discord Emoji Contest

    IGN: Cyberlisk
    Server : NA-West
    Emoji 1 : :Sleepy:

    Im not sure if "traditionally drawn will not be accepted" applied to things made in MS Paint >.> , I've never done something like this before , this is honestly the most artistic thing I've made with my own hands in my life. Also I'm sorry if the colors are off , Nexon please feel free to correct it if you do decide to use this little guy as an emoji ^^. I don't know how to do things like shading >.<
  • **[Age Poll]** Let us know how old you are!

    We're all the OG Pre-BB babies das why we so old.
  • KMS2 “2nd job” awakening skills!

    I just hope the game doesn't go crazy on the "screen wiping" skills. No skill , and annoyingly flashy.