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  • Make Style Crates 100 merits each

    No offense, the outfits in the style shop are cute - but they aren't worth $81 (45*3/1.667, Snow Rabbit Set) ~ $149 (82*3/1.667, Glowing Star Outfit Package). Honestly shouldn't be more than $20~30 for each set of outfits - you're telling people to spend potentially hundreds with every patch in order to look appealing (how cute). LoL/Dota2 offer just as good (mostly better) 3d assets and are priced infinitely better than your listings. So many simple problems that could be addressed if the devs/producers (or whoever makes decisions) tried to fit in the mindset of normal/average consumer.

    Counter Argument
    1. "If you don't like it don't buy"
    You're the kind of individual that ignores bad consumer/business practices - of course there are certain things I don't choose to buy, but everyone should try their best to be fair. These prices aren't fair - stop being ignorant.

    2. "Make more money to afford it"
    This is not much different from the first but, I have/make more than enough money to spend on whatever I want, but this is just dumb. LoL's average epic skins re-build the character aesthetics from the ground up, featuring a new model, new particles, and sometime even new animations - and they cost no more than $10 (1350 rp, for the whole thing). Also just because I have enough to spend, doesn't mean I'm going to encourage terrible choices.

    I wonder what would happen, if Nexon found some honest humility, addressed these and some of the 'chance at progressing' ongoings. Hmmm.... they just might garner more players and a happier player base. Having said this, I want to enjoy the cosmetic aspect of this game and have different outfits - so please do your part (be way more reasonable) and I will do mine (buy).
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  • [Gameplay] [Website] [UI] 15 Bug Reports

    MS2 leaks an absolute ton of memory, I really hope the dev's do something about this...
  • Reflecting on progression in kms2 and gms2 cbt

    Progression in MS2 is so kinda... unfulfilling and unrealistic in both versions I've played - I'll break this up into 3 parts.

    1) The tutorial phase is tedious and repetitive:
    Level 1~50 (GMS CBT) || Level 1~70 (KMS)
    Sometimes I ask myself when I play any modern mmo, why it's such a norm to force (or repeat if you have alts) a 10~20hr worth of tutorial anytime I want to make a new character. Of course I wasn't really expecting MS2 to be different, but this game's intro phase are similar to that of other's already on the market but even worse - awful cinematics and a story line that NOBODY is paying attention to. Really just change the soft cap progression to 'hit the space bar 1521 times' to reach level x and get some starter stuff so you can start doing shitty dungeons.

    Why the hell am I doing life-skill, flying-balloon tutorials over and over? I mean it's probably only 30 minutes worth of doing over again - but just remove it altogether for people who already have multiple soft-cap characters. What a waste of time..

    Really 80% of the tutorial (hitting soft cap) is you walking to places and pressing space bar, 10% is killing stuff, 10% press esc and ok to skip cinematics (some of which can't be skipped). While there are some half-assed attempts to teach you some in game gimmicks and mechanics, it's just kinda thrown at you and not at all seamless. Maybe if you're being exposed to this content for the first time - I can understand it might be SOMEwhat useful. But I don't want to play baby mode for 20hrs just to enjoy something new. Maybe, a 'would you like to skip the tutorial' kind of thing would be nice. Having said that, this is still not that big of an issue compared to what's down the road.

    2) Gearing, gear scores, dungeon transitions are an absolute steaming pile of terribad dogshit:
    I have a really good feeling, the devs don't play this game on a regular basis - they just kind of add , change a few numbers - do a quick test run and if certain changes fit their not so thorough agenda of 'balance', they will pass it. By the way, I'm not saying this because I think cDev or Balrog was too difficult or anything - it's not - both are very simple and do-able with the right setup/people even during CBT.

    It makes NO SENSE, things like why anyone would try to farm Balrog when the rewards are marginally better than FD's loots despite being significantly longer/difficult; why the gear transition from from lvl 50 normals dungeons to hard dungeons are so unpredictable and determined by RNGesus; why cDev has such a misleading and low gear requirement of 3.3K. I can guarantee that of the people who ran FD and above, 95% of them bought purple gear to help bypass the FD gs requirement, it just doesn't make sense to try and progress through the starting level 50 dungeons due to drop rates and gear. The best strategy for gear in this game, is to wait until the top few lucky or skilled individuals make it available for everyone else and let it trickle down because trying to do anything like self steady progression is impossible. This is apparent in both CBT (so far) and KMS as well; the best way to get high level gear and transition to the upper class in KMS, is to save up money or buy money using merets and pay a fee for somebody to carry you through chaos raids. This is extremely popular in Korea, even people who can clear chaos raids legitimately, will sit in these so called bus parties since it's way more convenient.

    This is so sad to see in an rpg type game, where progress and grinding should be fun, rewarding, and just as importantly - meaningful and logical. You guys really need to find a better way for people to transition through gear and different dungeons so that people don't have to resort to being bus'd and buying shortcut purple gear. Even in Korea, many dungeons are just arbitrarily harder than others through bigger numbers despite having similar gs requirements and rewards/drops. Having said that what are these gear score requirements? They make absolutely no goddamn sense, so many people trying Balrog or cDev with the 'minimum' requirements have no idea what kind of ride they're in for (You could say the same for many hard dungeons in Korea as well). I often find myself carrying people who shouldn't be here yet, they really should be practicing other dungeons with slightly easier difficulties and working their way up the ladder. So many people who don't know what to expect or haven't played this game before will clear high end dungeons by being bus'd. They can't even practice it realistically because it's just out right impossible if they don't have what they 'actually' need for dungeons. Hint for people who didn't clear cDev in CBT: you need around 15% piercing from PVP gear and 4.5~5k+ dmg minimum. Of course this won't be relevant in the future since cDev will be overlapped with better end game stuff....

    The point I'm trying to get across is, the level 50 normal dungeons should drop stuff that should make your transition into hard dungeons a little bit easier. Balrog should drop significantly better gear for the increase in difficulty and cDev needs to be tuned down a bit or have a higher gs requirement to not confuse newbies. All in all, transitions and progress need to make more sense, be more relatable from one point to another and feel seamless IMO. Either way, the CBT stuff will probably not be so relevant since it's such a small part of a bigger picture, but my points still stand if I were to play KMS instead. The growth in gear should be larger in some dungeons, and chaos raid growth is too big.

    3) The sad future of gearing: Gemstones, Lumistones, Skin/Coordi Tab P2W
    If you thought gear progression was bad in CBT, you need to wait until these babies come out. TBH, as a player having played in KMS for a bit - I felt at so much ease seeing sockets and gemstones not into play yet. It's just because farming gemstones are an absolute nightmare, but they contribute more than half your late game scaling if you don't have them you can't consider yourself 'properly geared'. I will spare you the details, but farming gemstones are so tedious - if you don't have a full time job playing MS2 you will never EVER farm/max them out. Many people including myself, just outright use real life money to trade currencies and buy high level gem stones instead. I've played many mmo's but farming these guys are so unreal... I'm going to go out out on a limb and say you need about 100+ hrs just to max one, and there are a total of 9 sockets.

    I don't know where this all started, but nexon games have started implementing skin + coordi tabs. The first time I noticed it was in Mabinogi, where they introduced stat enhancing effects on skins so people complained they needed to get skins that they didn't want and nexon introduced a 2nd layer of skin tabs that overrides skins called coordi's. It's load of P2W bullshit, but I've pretty much accepted it by this point - but KMS takes it another level further. Basically, all skins in MS2 will have sockets (some exclusive ones will have set effects lol) that you can put these little fuckers called lumistones inside of them. Sockets need to be created via cash items and lumistones can be upgraded via those same cash items. This is the one area, where no amount of hard-work will help you max them out. I mean you get a little booger's worth of the needed cash items from some life skill leveling and events but the main bulk will have to be bought your with real life money. These are also an absolute necessity since they roughly double your physical/magical damage stats.

    Of course I haven't included the tons of other 'P2Conv' in their cash shops but that's somewhat okay with me since I can't afford to no life this game. I think realistically speaking you will need to spend at least few hundred dollar (probably more, depends on your expectations) to hit proper gear at a realistic pace. I have no problems with spending real life money on games, but I wish it would just be 'fair' and spending money shouldn't be a necessity to keep up with gear. If the product is right, I will spend hundreds maybe even thousands.

    While there's a really good chance this falls on deaf ears, if the nexon dev's ever get a chance to read this, I hope you guys reconsider how GMS2 gear progression will be structured. A few tweaking of details and some numbers changes could dramatically change the enjoy-ability of this game while still providing lots of time to explore progression. I pray that lumistones and coordi tab's will be never be ported and that gemstone farming will be a little bit more sane, convenient and fun (although change is EXTREMELY unlikely).

    EDIT: so many swear words censored, if you see a place where a word seems to be omitted, insert a random swear word and should do fine.