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  • Reflecting on progression in kms2 and gms2 cbt

    Uhh I'm not completely sure what you're trying to say but, despite my complaints, I still think the game is pretty fun. But in Korea, basically the end game currently there are 3 different sets of level 60 legendary gear, stat wise it's pretty much on par with that of the legendary gear from CBT except they have varying on hit and set effects (maybe a little stronger). Getting a specific equipment is not very hard, since you can just pay for a party to carry you.

    Upgrading it perfectly will still take some time due to dungeon limits and mat farming... (This is not even relevant to my post).

    The game itself as a whole, is very good, it has a good foundation below it - the art, combat, pvp, even gearing - despite what I said in the post, is not bad. The point of my post was not to say MS2 is a shiet game and that will die. It was to try and point out some flaws with progression (MY OPINIONS). I personally think the 2nd job skills are great addition to the game and believe that MS2 will be very popular for a long time despite nay-sayers.

    My post was just trying to explain that progression is a little disorganized, it could be better structured - I wasn't saying end-game gear is non-existent or that's impossible to upgrade them. In both the CBT and in KMS I had above average gear (+14 purple gear in CBT, stopped playing the last 5 days) (over 20k weapon dmg in korea). I probably could've been in the .01% gear range for both servers if I spent more time and money but just didn't want to.

    Visually, I can't really say I've seen two of the same kind of characters. Everybody has their own designs, and while the base weapons or equipments are not too varying in the high end - so many people have equip transmogs and/or skins everybody looks pretty unique IMO.