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  • Re-imagining my Character

    Had some fun doodling my character, I know I didn't include and also changed some details - but I think it's okay. Too lazy to make a real background x).

    Warning: not a super cute/chibi style drawing.

    == Reference ==
    == Drawing ==

    P.S. - Imgur really likes to chop up the image quality :D
  • Make Style Crates 100 merits each

    Qtz wrote: »
    they make more money of a few whales then more cheap sales

    there is a reason they are selling it for those prices :) its not random

    I never said it was random, also mobile gaming huh? Looks like neither you nor the reddit poster read the title of the sourced article. Maplestory may be F2P but it's not something that it's players want to recognize as a shitty mobile game solely intent on squeezing out it's customers (I'm giving Nexon the benefit of the doubt here, I've played enough games to know it's not wholly true). But even at the very least it's not a brain-dead mobile game.

    Considering how much heat there is over the predatory practices of micro-transactions in mobile gaming bringing up here it only furthers my argument. So you're saying it's reasonable that Nexon has adopted this lazy, shameful practice instead of changing I suppose...

    Also then, by that logic it's acceptable that only .19% of the player base should have good things because they are whales?????
    BTW a lot of people can afford to whale, I can to a certain extent and I know a lot of friends who can too - but let's turn the perspective for a second.

    Maybe whales are a sign, that shitty, comfortable practices like this 'can' work and meet the economic goals of certain businesses. But I think you can easily argue the same otherwise, maybe if a company notices whales - it should be a red sign to their marketing team that only a select few are able to enjoy their products. Especially if you make products for people to enjoy, wouldn't you rather have more people consume and have a much more reliable, consistent stream of sales all around?

    I believe this is especially so, for the F2P market - the intent of F2P markets are so that ANYONE can enjoy your game. But,.. - all of a sudden a little deeper in, you realize only whales can enjoy some of the finer things? Why not do some more creative problem solving with your marketing team, so that more people can enjoy micro-transactions with a positive feedback that also align with your goals.

    Also, I'm bringing this back to Dota/Lol (since you mentioned F2P), but there are lots OF F2P games that have fair micro-transactions. TF2, HotS, SC2, Overwatch, and Fortnite. Hell even BDO (their outfits cost around $20~40, and you can even buy from other players with in game currency), is more fair than this lmao - Man honestly I don't even have to say this because it's obvious regardless of gaming platforms, or whether it's F2P/P2P - often times the best games, also have the best monetization.

    Just because people asked for no P2W didn't mean they wanted other non-sense bullshit micro transactions. Stop being coy and use some common sense, I bet anything even the devs/producers wouldn't buy/play some of the very things they implement and try to sell to it's player base.

    I've spent around $140 on this game within about a month of playing this game, but very begrudgingly and it does not feel very good spending money on this game. I know you're thinking that in a way Nexon has succeeded, but man.. I'm only enduring it at this point because Nexon has really good concepts for games - but seriously terrible follow through and sometimes god-awful creative problem solving.

  • Make Style Crates 100 merits each

    No offense, the outfits in the style shop are cute - but they aren't worth $81 (45*3/1.667, Snow Rabbit Set) ~ $149 (82*3/1.667, Glowing Star Outfit Package). Honestly shouldn't be more than $20~30 for each set of outfits - you're telling people to spend potentially hundreds with every patch in order to look appealing (how cute). LoL/Dota2 offer just as good (mostly better) 3d assets and are priced infinitely better than your listings. So many simple problems that could be addressed if the devs/producers (or whoever makes decisions) tried to fit in the mindset of normal/average consumer.

    Counter Argument
    1. "If you don't like it don't buy"
    You're the kind of individual that ignores bad consumer/business practices - of course there are certain things I don't choose to buy, but everyone should try their best to be fair. These prices aren't fair - stop being ignorant.

    2. "Make more money to afford it"
    This is not much different from the first but, I have/make more than enough money to spend on whatever I want, but this is just dumb. LoL's average epic skins re-build the character aesthetics from the ground up, featuring a new model, new particles, and sometime even new animations - and they cost no more than $10 (1350 rp, for the whole thing). Also just because I have enough to spend, doesn't mean I'm going to encourage terrible choices.

    I wonder what would happen, if Nexon found some honest humility, addressed these and some of the 'chance at progressing' ongoings. Hmmm.... they just might garner more players and a happier player base. Having said this, I want to enjoy the cosmetic aspect of this game and have different outfits - so please do your part (be way more reasonable) and I will do mine (buy).
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  • [Gameplay] [Website] [UI] 15 Bug Reports

    MS2 leaks an absolute ton of memory, I really hope the dev's do something about this...
  • Reflecting on progression in kms2 and gms2 cbt

    You're not really understanding my arguments, it's not amazing that you hit cDev gear score in 4 days, I was only about a couple hours to a day to behind you. I'll give you guys props for being the first to clear it, but anyone who knew what they're doing probably could've as well given a few days margin.

    Yes for a lot of enthusiasts getting to CBT lvl 50 is about 5~6 hrs, but I'm guessing even some enthusiasts will take about 8 hours on it. The 10~20hr range is for lvl 70 soft cap. My opinion is that it's pretty pointless and repetitive.

    I never said anything about farming everything in a week, that truly would be boring - but as it stands legitimately grinding gemstones takes several months and that's generous even at a die hard level. It's probably much longer for people who can't afford that kind of time. Lumi's take real cash, if you're one of the top 0.01% who trade cash for mesos, all props to you - but I'm speaking of majority. Also, I'm asking for changes of subtlety not massively easy gameplay. Farming gemstones are boring, this is not subjective and they require a massive amount of time.

    I agree just because you've payed for bus doesn't mean you can clear this, but why are you bringing this up? I brought up bus parties because as someone trying to climb up the ladder, they're easier to find than trying to organize a first clear party. It's much more efficient to bus, farm gear and upgrade yellows and then farm chaos raids when you're properly geared. It's not like chaos raids require a massive amount of skill or outplay to clear, it's more of a question of whether you have gear and some experience or not. BTW I admit you guys might be better, but I am good lol.