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  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    I think scaling down players is not inherently bad (Guild wars 2 is a game that does it right). The idea is that content should always be challenging.
    Maplestory 2 fails at this though. Because they don't scale down HP and Defense of players in the Fair Fight debuff the content is no longer challenging. It's a common practice amongst game developer to confuse "time taken" and "challenging". Something that takes a lot of time is not necessarily challenging.
    As it stands right now, world bosses is a dedication to brainless button-mashing way before lvl 50. It's not challenging and thus it's not fun.

    I've proposed this in several other threads: Scale down HP and Defense of players to the level of the boss so it's actually possible to die. This makes content fun and challenging. To compensate for this change they can reduce boss HP by 25%-50% making battles an interesting 10-15 min battle instead of a 20 min dreadful time-waster.
    On the other hand, I just killed a lvl 40 world boss in 4 min, but that many players are uncommon. And as the game grows older even less people will do world bosses. And if the attacks actually killed some people the clear time would have been longer.

    I think they should also not hard cap damage (if it even is a hard cap currently). Use a percentage debuff instead. What I suggest is adding 5%-10% of your weapon score to the best weapon score of the intended level. E.g. say that the world boss is lvl 30 and the best weapon score at lvl 30 is 500. You have a weapon score of 1200. Then the effective weapon score would be 620 (500+(1200*0.1)). With some epic weapons that have a weapon score of 3000 you would get an effective score of 800.
    It's not an amazing improvement, but still so much that it's noticeable and helps clear content faster. This system also guarantees that better weapons will always deal more damage. To avoid weird bugs they should pass it through a Min-function, e.g. Effective weapon score = Min(current weapon score, 500+(current weapon score*0.1)). Otherwise a weapon with 550 weapon score would be better than it actually is (it would have a value of 555 when scaled).

    Some kind of logarithmic function instead of a linear function is probably better suited for this kind of stuff, so that higher weapon scores tails off (but that basically makes us go back to the first problem of good gear not feeling powerful enough), taking into account the magnitude of the difference between the intended weapon score and the players current weapon score.
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