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  • Gear score on offhand items

    Zlroyale wrote: »
    I thought this was a bug so I made a post about this on the [Bug] forum but apparently this ins't a bug and is working as intended.

    "No, no, no, that's definitely not a bug. It's a feature!" - Some Developer

  • How to fix world bosses? (Discussion)

    They could also make world bosses actually worth doing. There's really no reason to do these bosses other than for fun or if you have a daily quest for it. Maybe add useful items like onyx crystals or spellstones/guardstones to the drops.

    They do drop green/blue/red crystals and elixirs though. They're also a good way to get good green/blue gear. The problem here is that once you get one epic, then epics will rain on you from hard dungeons (I got full epic armor from 10 runs at fire dragon). Epics are also incredibly good, you basically get twice the defense going from blue to epic. So while world bosses do drop good gear (the best gear I had at any given level was from world bosses or elites until lvl 50), they are instantly de-valued because epics are so easy to get.

    I feel that if each world boss e.g. had an unique epic they could drop they would be more attractive (and each one would be equally attractive, which is important since some are easier than others due to their mechanics). You could even throw in unique legendaries on a very very low drop chance.

    Ofcourse there are other options, like adding a wide selection of different potions, enchanting material, etc. The important thing is that the time investment must feel worth it. As it stands now: I can either do 2 hard dungeons or 1 world boss, both taking roughly 20 min. It's a no-brainer what I'm going to choose if I want meso for my time.
  • How to fix world bosses? (Discussion)

    I've posted in many threads what I would like to see changed about World Bosses, but I would like to hear other peoples opinion on them as well.

    I currently have two huge problems with World Bosses.

    A ) Challenge and Fun

    As it stands now, as soon as you get a few levels above a world boss level they're no longer challenging. They can't kill you and don't have to dodge anything. It's not challenging and thus it's not fun. Many developers use time as an illusion of difficulty, it's a poor design.

    Suggestion: If they really want to keep the fair fight debuff, then please actually make it a fair fight. Debuff players defense and HP as well. Make me feel like lvl 23 when fighting Griffin. Make it possible to die. This is much more engaging and fun.
    To compensate for this new debuff, reduce boss HP by 25%-50%. Making it an interesting 10-15 min fight instead of a boring 20-30 min fight.

    B ) Participation
    As the game gets older participation will fall. It has already decreased immensely after just 2 weeks of CBT. It's sometimes hard to even get enough people to finish the daily quest to kill certain world bosses.
    It should be possible for a team of 3-4 people to clear a world boss in a reasonable time. There is an abundance of world bosses (1 per channel every hour), but not players.

    One might think: Just scale the boss depending on the number of players on the map. But this is quite a naive solution since there is no guarantee all players on the map actually fight the world boss. People might join and leave as well making the scaling jump up and down.

    Suggestion: Make the fair fight debuff time dependent. E.g. reduce the effectiveness of Fair Fight by 20% every 5 minutes. This means that if people have good enough gear they will be able to clear the world boss in a reasonable time, even if they're few in numbers.

    What do you guys think about this? How would you like to make world bosses fun and rewarding?
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    I think scaling down players is not inherently bad (Guild wars 2 is a game that does it right). The idea is that content should always be challenging.
    Maplestory 2 fails at this though. Because they don't scale down HP and Defense of players in the Fair Fight debuff the content is no longer challenging. It's a common practice amongst game developer to confuse "time taken" and "challenging". Something that takes a lot of time is not necessarily challenging.
    As it stands right now, world bosses is a dedication to brainless button-mashing way before lvl 50. It's not challenging and thus it's not fun.

    I've proposed this in several other threads: Scale down HP and Defense of players to the level of the boss so it's actually possible to die. This makes content fun and challenging. To compensate for this change they can reduce boss HP by 25%-50% making battles an interesting 10-15 min battle instead of a 20 min dreadful time-waster.
    On the other hand, I just killed a lvl 40 world boss in 4 min, but that many players are uncommon. And as the game grows older even less people will do world bosses. And if the attacks actually killed some people the clear time would have been longer.

    I think they should also not hard cap damage (if it even is a hard cap currently). Use a percentage debuff instead. What I suggest is adding 5%-10% of your weapon score to the best weapon score of the intended level. E.g. say that the world boss is lvl 30 and the best weapon score at lvl 30 is 500. You have a weapon score of 1200. Then the effective weapon score would be 620 (500+(1200*0.1)). With some epic weapons that have a weapon score of 3000 you would get an effective score of 800.
    It's not an amazing improvement, but still so much that it's noticeable and helps clear content faster. This system also guarantees that better weapons will always deal more damage. To avoid weird bugs they should pass it through a Min-function, e.g. Effective weapon score = Min(current weapon score, 500+(current weapon score*0.1)). Otherwise a weapon with 550 weapon score would be better than it actually is (it would have a value of 555 when scaled).

    Some kind of logarithmic function instead of a linear function is probably better suited for this kind of stuff, so that higher weapon scores tails off (but that basically makes us go back to the first problem of good gear not feeling powerful enough), taking into account the magnitude of the difference between the intended weapon score and the players current weapon score.
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  • Can we not have multiple IDs for the same potion

    It's to sell those consumable inventory expansions B)