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  • And so it begins, the coming of the style crate.

    1. I'm fine with the current state of style crates if it means that we can play the game without any p2w mechanics.
    2. We are the customers in here. We can vote with our wallets. If people won't buy style crates, Nexon will have to adjust the prices.
    3. What I actually don't like is lack of nice outfits and weapon skins that are obtainable straight away from the meret shop. I'm absolutely fine with the most glittery outfits being hidden behind the loot boxes, but some nice event stuff also has to be available to us with a fixed price. Nexon needs to find some middle ground in here.
  • Dungeon cap needs to be vastly improved.

    Imho the dungeon limit needs to be completely removed. It's reasonable to cap a single hardest end-game raid but not all the dungeons. People need to have some content to grind. And dungeons are the only viable end-game content. If developers are too scared of people "finishing" this game too fast, they should simply adjust (lower) the drop rates. But forcing players to create alts will simply make people burn out on this game quickly.
  • [EVENT] Mushking Royale EXP Weekend - Week 2

    Why won't you release a stance regarding teaming up in Musking Royale (solo mode)?

    It's probably silly to see me posting this question again. But on the other hand - it's even more silly, that for some reason we don't deserve to receive an easy answer - "Yes, teaming up in solo mode is allowed and working as intended." or "No, teaming up in solo mode isn't something that was intended to happen, we currently work on adjusting the exp rates to solve this situation.".

    Some people have already paid you 110€ for legendary founder pack and golden battle pass. I think it's just a common courtesy for GMs to show that they are here and that they are listening to the community. At least this much.
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  • KEEP fair fight and REMOVE dungeon limits...

    In my opinion - fair faight should be simply adjusted. So when you go above particular ilvl, only a % of your bonus stats counts. But some kind of hard cap should also be present. Killing a boss from an entry level dungeon in your full epic +12 armor in 12 minutes sounds silly. But on the other hand - killing him in 12 seconds also does. So it would be good to have the fight take a minimum of 3-4 minutes, giving the players opportunity to go through few mechanics of particular encounter.

    Dungeon limit - this is the part that I was very vocal about during the beta. In my opinion the dungeon limit should've been removed completely. Daily and weekly. This kind of mechanic can be present regarding the most hardcore end-game raid that rewards players with the most uber equipement. But not every single dungeon out there. Especially considering the fact, that dungeons seem to be the only end-game activity out there to grind. There's no mob grinding. And as we already see - GMs ignore Mushking Royale, making this mode unbearable.

    Of course in such case dungeons also have to be tweaked a bit. If we have unlimited attempts per week, the %drop chance should be lower. And to be honest, I think it was very high in CB2. Or at least I was getting some epic weapons almost every dungeon. This is not fun. We need some end-game grind activity. And if we want to make the players more active on regular basis, we can always give +50% drop chance from dungeons as a daily to players. To encourage them to login. Players should feel encouraged to play the game, not intimidated, because if they won't play 30 dungeons per week, they will drop behind others.

    And what if they have more time during one week but they work full time on another? Let's say someone finished all 30 dungeons in monday, tuesday, wednesday. You want to tell him - "go play some Mushking Royale or create a smurf"? You want to make this player uninterested in the game for the next 4 days? Dungeon Fighter Online already tried this approach and the game is still famous from the fact, that because of this single mechanic (fatigue), most players have left.
  • [COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance - August 28th

    Stance on teaming-up in solo mode?