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  • Which gemstones are best for DPS?

    With our low base damage mid tier offense gems give more dps. Later once we have inflated attack stats the main stat gems will scale your dps more.
  • Chaos Raid Run Sellers

    The people who are selling runs are the same people who have been ahead of the majority of the community since headstart. They play efficiently and use knowledge from either playing the Korean/Chinese version of the game or doing a lot of research into game mechanics to progress their characters. They play with a group of like minded people and by the time chaos raids came out they had amassed enough currency to ensure they could reroll their gear/pets to get optimal stats, leveled up gems and pets to increase their power and cleared the raid multiple times on patch day. Now that they are the most geared players in the game they can do raids with less than 7 people and clear in time, they turn that into a business by carrying under geared who couldn't clear otherwise and get paid in game currency for it.

    If you have the time to invest and the knowledge to get ahead anyone could do what they do. They aren't breaking any rules by selling carries/buses, they are just applying their hard work and luck to get further ahead of the majority.
  • Basically

    I came here out of curiosity because the title didn't describe what the thread was about.
  • I want to enjoy this game, but I just can't.

    While this game does have a lot of social/casual content to do, in terms of PVE/endgame it is lacking a bit. The combat is fun and rewarding, but the classes themselves are overly simplistic. It kind of reminds me of vanilla WoW where every class started out with a 1-3 button rotation for killing mobs and bosses. Over the years they added and took away from each class until it reached the BFA state where every class has at a minimum a 3 skill rotation with resources/procs/buffs/windows of opportunity to enhance their game play.

    MS2 in Korea/China have the awakening system and that does make most classes we currently have more interesting. The only downside is the damage % of skills for each class. They are currently out of wack and after awakening are in a similar position. Rune Blader goes from having 3-5 skills to use in combat to spamming 1 button because it's the highest damage. Wizard goes from spamming flame wave to having 4-6 skills to use in addition to flame wave. So some classes become more interesting while others become more simple. This is all due to skill balance and i don't think Nexon has a team dedicated to testing out classes skills and tweaking them until they fit in a rotation where they all have a use and none of the spam skills outshine the cooldown ones.

    I don't know if our overlords in the west have any say on class tuning since i don't think we can deviate from the KMS/CMS, but until PVP comes out buffing some of the under used/never used skills for classes would go a long way in allowing diversity in skill builds. I also don't know if there is a beta/test version of the game to test class balancing before it makes it to the live game.

    I main Wizard atm and i know the flame wave animation canceling is the highest dps/dpm in terms of PVE. The ice and lightning skills get next to no use because of their damage % and for lighting SP cost. Buffing them so that they do more damage baseline than fire to compensate for the animation cancel + fire dot would make them at least more viable and a potential alternative to the 1 button flame wave spec with the occasional ice/lightning cool down skill thrown in for extra damage. (Thief is what I would consider the base line for how synergistic and interesting a classes kit should be. 2-4 skills + 1-2 buffs/debuffs to manage based off of those skills.)
  • Healer or Holy DPS?

    The dynamic for healing in the game will change once Soul Binder and awakening is added to the game. Currently if you are playing a priest you should focus on doing damage and only healing for mechanics that are unavoidable and require you to heal through it. If you gear a priest up with optimal stats you can achieve competitive dpm. For example, my priest at 3.8k GS can do 900k-1.2m dpm while also healing in FD. It definitely requires a bit of practice to heal and dps, but when the chaos raids come out priests will be expected to pull close to 3-4 million damage per minute.