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  • The worst DPS class is not Runeblader

    Actually until you get to 7,800 GS, Soul Binder has the hardest time getting into chaos raids and dungeons due to the player base not understanding their role in a party. Soul Binders are a DPS class that can bring an important debuff at the expense of a chunk of their damage. You don't usually bring a SB to a raid for damage, you do it for the debuff that stacks with Knight's debuff. The damage output of a decent SB running the debuff build is similar to a DPS Priest/Knight. If you have two SBs in a raid, like priest, one can run the debuff and the other can go full damage. Full damage SB build when played well is almost on par with Archer and Rune Blader damage.

    The reason they are treated like pre-buffed fairfight Thief is because they were released two months after the first 9 classes and had less time to acquire good stats/gem levels/epic pet. Outside of the top players and people that understand party compositions, SBs are not usually welcome in groups because they do less damage on average then the other classes. The mindset of most people is low damage = kick/ignore despite the 10% defense debuff the class brings that increases everyone else's damage.
  • December 19th Scheduled Maintenance

    Pet spawns are directly tied to the number of mob packs a zone has. That's why Aurora Laboratory is so popular due to how numerous and dense mob spawns there are and the fact that the pet can spawn from any of those packs.
  • December 19th Scheduled Maintenance

    Look on the bright side. At least we will see more bots in each channel, giving us the illusion that the population is healthy.
  • Easy fixes pros and cons game

    1. Provide an in game FAQ/spreadsheet that clearly explains what each secondary stat does ex. difference between physical/magic attack and bonus attack.

    2. Increase the acquisition of gem dust we get weekly or add fail stacks that increase your success chance for gems by ~5% per failure.

    3. Add more chase epics to Labyrinthine Halls and Fire Dragon that people would actually want.

    4. Add a bad luck protection to catching an epic pet that gradually increases your odds by a minuscule % per attempt that ramps up to 100% after 10k catches. (maybe 0.0025% per catch)

    5. Add more challenging content to the open world (maps with elite packs) that require groups to farm efficiently and provide an alternative to bossing for mesos. (similar to treva farming but more difficult for even geared players)

    6. Add more materials for life skill professions that are dropped from monsters in the world instead of just in your home/berg&alkimi island.

    7. Make B4 keys more obtainable by either crafting them with 10/25/50 B1 keys or increase the chance to obtain one so that they aren't being sold for obscene prices/being use to scam

    8. Put in a party buff that increases meso gains/drop rates of items to promote party play when doing dailies/farming for materials. (nothing ridiculous, just more beneficial than solo play)
  • Legendary Armor and rerolls

    I've been running hard mode dungeons since week one of the game. On the 3 alts i consistently do dungeons on i've accumulated ~1,500 pieces of gear (armor, weapons and accessories included) and only ~25 of those pieces had 1 or more useful stats. Of those ~25 pieces of gear only 6 of them had purple rolls and none of them have been >= 75% of the maximum.

    I've run a lot less cdev, no cmoc clear yet, and i've gotten 8 legendary pieces. None of them had decent stats, but after 2-4 rerolls each i got 1.5% boss damage on a helmet and 3% magic pierce on gloves. Trying to get even passable gear for cmoc and cpap will cost 100s of millions of mesos to have even average stats and with how slowly we can generate mesos/few times we can run chaos raids it does not feel satisfying.