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  • Some Ways MS2 Can Make Money That We Wouldn't Hate

    I always advocate for games that have a cash shop to give your art team something to have fun with. Path of Exile's cash shop has been my favorite model of monetization. Skill effect skins are something a Lot of people enjoy and can play around with. Anything from giving skills a color pallet change to looking completely different. I play Wizard, Priest, Soul Binder and Heavy Gunner. They could make Wizards flame skills blue, white, green or even purple. Make priests holy skills black or red. Have Soul Binder's mantra orbs look like stars or crescent moons. You can basically print money with how many different ideas to make classes look ridiculous or more authentic. I will always buy cosmetic items like these before i buy elixirs and gache bundles.
  • You can get banned in livestream for 'remove ff'

    I don't think fair fight, the way it is currently implemented, is healthy for the game. The devs have shown they can adjust it like how they did when it was fixed for priest and thief passive damage calculation. They need to adjust it more for Hard Mode dungeons so that it doesn't gimp our damage as much as it does. Another 20% decrease in damage reduction would do wonders for dungeons and world bosses when there are less than 10 people on the map.

    If they can't adjust fair fight to actually be fair then it doesn't need to be in the game. The rewards for everything that has fair fight are already not worth the time investment to complete in its current state.
  • The worst DPS class is not Runeblader

    Actually until you get to 7,800 GS, Soul Binder has the hardest time getting into chaos raids and dungeons due to the player base not understanding their role in a party. Soul Binders are a DPS class that can bring an important debuff at the expense of a chunk of their damage. You don't usually bring a SB to a raid for damage, you do it for the debuff that stacks with Knight's debuff. The damage output of a decent SB running the debuff build is similar to a DPS Priest/Knight. If you have two SBs in a raid, like priest, one can run the debuff and the other can go full damage. Full damage SB build when played well is almost on par with Archer and Rune Blader damage.

    The reason they are treated like pre-buffed fairfight Thief is because they were released two months after the first 9 classes and had less time to acquire good stats/gem levels/epic pet. Outside of the top players and people that understand party compositions, SBs are not usually welcome in groups because they do less damage on average then the other classes. The mindset of most people is low damage = kick/ignore despite the 10% defense debuff the class brings that increases everyone else's damage.
  • The Future of MS2

    On topic:
    RNG is the core of this game and it is regulated by locking you out of content weekly. I wouldn't mind the RNG in this game if i could overcome it by law of large numbers (allowing me to enough chances to progress every week)

    Off topic:
    The dungeons themselves are fine, it is Fair Fight prolonging encounters mixed with rewards from running the dungeons being too low that makes less enjoyable. The bosses aren't that different then your standard Final Fantasy 14 or World of Warcraft heroic/hard mode dungeon boss. The difference is:

    1. MS2 has 1 boss per dungeon where the two other MMOs have 2-5 per dungeon
    2. You get rewarded once per MS2 dungeon clear vs 2-5 times per clear in FFXIV and WoW,
    3. The number of times you can run the dungeon to progress your character in MS2 is 60 times per week, in WoW and FFXIV it's until you get tired of it ~1-200 times
    4. FFXIV and WoW have separate difficulties for their dungeons to challenge players more evenly while MS2 has 1 difficulty that becomes a non-factor after you reach 4k GS
  • Epic pet drop

    I got my epic pet at 7,437 G3 snares. It was a daunting task that almost made me quit multiple times due to a certain someone in my guild catching over 13 epic pets within 25,000 snares. I am currently at ~8,500 while looking for my second one while still trying to make enough money to get to 7.8k GS. The RNG in this game is extremely unpredictable and unfulfilling. Some people catch their first epic within 1k snares and their second within 75 snares after that while others spend 10s of 100s of hours catching 5-20k pets without seeing one.