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  • Put down your biggest complaint in one sentence

    mobbing barely exist and doing anymore dungeons makes me wanna bang my head against the wall
  • Non-Sugar coated response to Nexon and Elitists

    it isnt even the raids themselves that are the problem. after reading all of this the rng problem (not the raids itself) is getting the gear, grinding the amount of resources with limited runs, but most all the amount of times u are repeatedly doing the same thing to WHY the rng feels alot more painful altogether. i can relate and understand that right now the rng is leaned on too heavily, in my personal opinion i just think we just arent given a way to effectively get enough resource fairly in a way thats not dungeons to make the rng rolls feel less heavy on our soul or even the fact no one uses peachy because the numbers to obtain resources to spent is hell. wat we need is a better way to get our resources to reroll/enchant because if ppl get the right stats chaos isnt hard, but wat is hard is grinding everyday on multiple characters on the SAME dungeon to properly gear up on a SINGLE character.
  • My biggest fear for GMS2

    so far in after checking some stuff up on the game it doesnt seem pay to win (meso booster isnt p2w its pay to skip the grind) the only thing that is close to that idea is having gems in your fashion items which in my opinion i find very very uneeded no matter what even if its part of free to play but thats just opinion. however u can get rid of any fashion item u have laying in yur inventory for these special points to unlock the gem slots and this is where it might make or break the game it will depend how often and ez getting any regular fashion items from just grinding to trade them off since u will need hundreds of points to unlock a slot. i hate p2w games very much but i really hope ppl will look at the game fairly and determine if something is grind able or not. ive seen ppl call about anything p2w wen honestly some ppl just dont want to grind long hours which should still be fair since that mean progress and not going over the limit end that anyone can reach eventually but we will have to wait and see tbh.
  • So is pirate still a thing in maple 2 ?

    i dont know much about what is in ms2 but after checking the classes are the pirate class gonna be in the game? striker (not sure if its a hero class tho) seems to be the buccaneer replacement but wat about the corsair then. if anyone kno anything about it plz give me a heads up ty.