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  • Goodbye

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    How old are you?

    Nice discussion. Cat got your mouth or something? Go back to your can.

    Nah. There's nothing to discuss with a player who has trouble understanding an argument and starts putting words into another person's mouth. I never said they should have expected a turd storm. I said they should have expected what kind of game this is. Understand?

    should have expected wat game this is? uuuuuhhhh they took out many good aspects from ms1 that could easily been implemented. rng is understandable in a game but as someone who played alot (warframe, path of exile, runescape, maplestory1, and many many more grind games but i wont name since u insist it has to be free to play to have a unfun grind fest), it ruins itself by making a 1 way repetitive grind that is meant to be played around 150x on the same boss. grind games need a variety of different ways to grind, constant fair progression, and possibly abit of complexity. wat should be expected at bear minimum is atleast a improved/updated/innovated version from ms1 but they no longer got legion for a reason to make alts(in which they made it less dead to make now that onyx is character bound), no runes so there are longer a mobbing grind option to lvl up (even with runes probly wouldnt be enough of exp tho), less items to work with (which either dumb the game down or just less different ways to grind cuz again repeating the same dungeons as the only grind is silly in which chaos is a pain to join, not to beat but to just join),and a mountain of iconic quest/content that they could of added from ms1(and dont give they will gradually add it in later, this game been out for years in korea and there is enough content from ms1 to revamp that could be a couple years worth on its own). however not only did they took good things out, now they also gotta worry of new issues with their newer systems. ppl leave their feedback cuz these are their opinions on what they believe will help this game and if u think every single gamer doesnt understand a thing then u are no different than EA with their latest failure with battlefront 5 (dont like it? dont play it) in which they regretted later. plus idk why u speaking for nexon its their game that they decide if they wanna pay attention to their player base or not and whether the game flourish or flop is on their decisions that they should worry about or not. feedback is feedback yur not gonna be able to change how ppl feel and nexon is the one to decide by looking at the numbers.
  • onyx before and after the patch

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    There seems to be some level of confliction in the patch notes, Or I am missing something here...

    lol where this from , I don't see it here http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/40253/skybound-expansion-phase-1-patch-notes

    u could just go to team blogs section here on the forum and read the first paragraph in week 6 post
  • Do you consider Meret-to-Meso trading pay to win?

    tbh i dont consider meret to meso p2w at all wat so ever and i honestly think nexon could of got rid of majority of the bots if they sold the meso themselves and as someone who probly wont even use that feature im 100% fine with it. my reason is because

    1. meso can be grinded out by anyone and as such i only see it as pay to skip the grind because not in anyway is anyone locked out of of content and so as long as players can reach a content at a decent pace (even if the grind is painful that is a matter as a problem with the grind system not the pay method)

    2. at max gear/power so as long as they arent reaching a power lvl higher than mine becuz of money at max power lvl or if im unable to ever reach their power lvl becuz i dint pay then consider it p2w

    3. there are ppl who wont have time to grind as hard as other players becuz of work and in exchange their money is to skip some grinding and if they cant bother any other players that way then im fine

    4. to technically use that meso on anything would mean there have to be players ahead of u buy off of in which they had grinded themselves

    grind games big feature should be a fun grind and imo i think ending that grind so soon only cuts yur time in the game so if u guys consider pay to leave the game faster p2w then sure but so as long as endgame/pvp ppl are fairly stat out then no i dont consider meret to meso p2w i honestly there are ppl just salty cuz there are ppl farther ahead of them even tho we all hit the same brick wall. tbh the only ppl i see not benefiting from this are the meso sellers aka bot makers (in which we could literally get rid of bots guys) and even f2p ppl could get more out of this if they grind more meaning they can sell more and make that meso off the ppl paying. if ppl think this is p2w then they probly think games like warframe and black desert are p2w as well cuz "theyre spending more time in a game than others" in which if u find a bad thing then again either there is something wrong with grind progression or grind games just aint yur area of gaming.
  • State of the game, as I see it.

    yea its like the game has alot of potential but just either a few mess up here and there with their number calculations/systems kinda routed the game in a way that made it not fun when at first glance it looked like it was gonna be filled with so much. . . oh boi i can see y ms1 was more popular in korea maybe i think.

    -Mobbing doesnt really exist which they could had fixed raising exp/gold gains(besides treva farming but thats about it on a dark map on a small island while the rest of maple world dead). they could of atleast made a onyx farm, health potion farm, or even some kind of another special currency

    -Pets, i dint think we had to grind like this for pets honestly it is annoying and tbh i would rather they used the familiar system back in ms1 or made it where there were certain ways to get pets and they stick wit u instead. however since back then we dint have to worry about rarity id see the familiar system working alot more than its current system. hey another mobbing idea right there instead of throwing candy how bout we straight up kill mobs for them to drop cards again. ms2 yur not pokemon go home to ms1 yur drunk.

    -Dungeons i dont mind the limit personally but i do see where it comes head aching for those on most the day but either way the game main thing is dungeon, more dungeon, and same dungeon on top of the dungeons. ms2 yur not monster hunter go home to ms1 yur drunk lol

    -Rng i understand both sides of ppl hating rng and those who say "its rng yur gonna have to put some grind to it and pray u lucky". well the problem the grind isnt fun wen yur stuck to the same dungeon, on second thought let me out of dungeons period at this point im sick of em. but back on topic they should could of atleast made less rng with abit more grind to it to have more like a walking up stairs feeling rather than jumping on cliff to cliff praying u dont fall but FUN grind like idk mobbing. . . . nexon this is like the one thing u tilt me on

    -Open world is dead and the only real reason anyone run around is as u said to finish a simple daily where it take like 5-10 min to finish em all and i find it a complete waste to not have a reason to farm anything out there or even stay out there. ppl are only gonna grind wats efficient and currently there are only 2 things rn to farm that kinda fall under the category (but still way below dungeon priority) is treva and pets (in which pets are annoying to farm currently).

    -Side quest have no purpose really even back in ms1 some certain quest lines gave items that were really good and useful even to yur endgame stage(not all should be but make like a lengthy/good side quest that give players a reason to do it, maybe more mini game cinematic)

    -Less equipment, basically there is alot less stuff to look for compared to ms1 while everything good is still just in dungeons only. what ever happen to shoulder guards, pocket items, totems, and emblems? technically they could bring the whole idea back by making them rewards of side quest lines really (tho i doubt they would for watever crazy reason even tho its still maplestory).

    -Fishing/Performing had like really no purpose and b4 anyone say that its for a side fun activity, well games like warframe and runescape manage to make fishing relevant by making the fish use able to craft useful stuff (sadly most of the fun stuff in ms2 isnt the least bit useful as to y no one do em)

    -Content, while there are quite a few things to fix there also isnt much to do and ive seen ppl say there is little to no content past lvl 50-60 (wen in ms1 u can go to lvl 200). this so damn surprising they could reuse SO much content from ms1 and fully revamp it. its basically a free gold mine where the gold is sitting in the cave, already mined that they own but nexon doesnt grab it. . .

    -Raids which is more likely the main culprit why alot of ppl left is cuz well not everyone gonna have a big party, to those who have proper gear not everyone gonna have that extra energy to go looking for a guild or group i can count 2 friends at this moment who arent currently playing raids yet they got the gear cuz there isnt enough ppl (theyre introverts so plz dont give the "just find a group" thing). then back to rng grind is that it took so long (or should i say painful)to get proper gear/bonus attribute which sadly there wasnt alot of ppl who dint kno u need alot of piercing which idk if its just a lack of community info spread but just putting it here.

    maplestory 2 is gonna have to make a big comeback on its next expansion if they really want to make the game flourish. tho im surprisingly gonna doubt they might make it p2w in the future like ppl "speculate" i really hope they fix the game cuz i like the style of ms2 but hole-y damn i never thought id say i miss so much stuff from ms1 (cough* stay away from p2w tho cough*). i really hope nexon doesnt kill one of their own games again like they did with vindictus where a fun and high potential game fall from poor choices.
  • Non-Sugar coated response to Nexon and Elitists

    it isnt even the raids themselves that are the problem. after reading all of this the rng problem (not the raids itself) is getting the gear, grinding the amount of resources with limited runs, but most all the amount of times u are repeatedly doing the same thing to WHY the rng feels alot more painful altogether. i can relate and understand that right now the rng is leaned on too heavily, in my personal opinion i just think we just arent given a way to effectively get enough resource fairly in a way thats not dungeons to make the rng rolls feel less heavy on our soul or even the fact no one uses peachy because the numbers to obtain resources to spent is hell. wat we need is a better way to get our resources to reroll/enchant because if ppl get the right stats chaos isnt hard, but wat is hard is grinding everyday on multiple characters on the SAME dungeon to properly gear up on a SINGLE character.