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  • Suggestion: Adding Active GMs

    Aynix wrote: »
    Times has changed, for worse unfortunately...

    Indeed. The disappearance of actual GMs has bothered me a lot in these games. Even a single person working full time as a GM would be able to eliminate a large portion of the bots and gold seller spam.

    But the issue is, there is a lot of downtime with such a job. Some days for a GM, there might be very little work to do, and companies don't tend to like to pay people to do essentially nothing even if it's only a few minutes let alone possibly hours. So instead of having an active GM they just use a reporting system. So you only have a person working on these things when it's reported, but of course, since it's not their main job, the priority on it becomes pretty much none existent. So issues don't get solved quickly like they would if there was an active GM on.

    Not really a big fan with how some companies rather cut costs than to offer better services. I get more money is nice and all, but we are talking about a very small amount in the grand scheme of things when it comes to how much money they make annually. Nexon is pretty much at the top of free to play companies as far as I am aware unless you want to count Valve now. I know Nexon and Valve has some sort of history together which always weirds me out. XD
  • Suggestion: Adding Active GMs

    Active GMs would be awesome, but I can't even think of the last time a game actually had active GMs. I find these days GMs rarely actually do anything outside of managing the community and attending GM related events.
  • WTF is wrong with you Nexon!?

    LOL ... I assumed this thread was going to be about loot boxes or something. You tricked me. :P
  • what is the cuter one?

    I agree the blue one is nice.
  • $15 to 'hide your helmet' ... seriously?

    The post right above mine explicitly detailed how the Transparency badge works, I literally told you how it works in my own post and you are STILL TRYING TO ARGUE ABOUT THE FUNCTION OF THIS ITEM WHEN YOU AGREED THE PRICE WOULD BE FAIR IF IT DID EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES.
    Where am I still trying to argue? All I said was I was pretty sure it only worked with one item at a time, or at least that is how it sounded to me. Keep in mind I was basing that on what I read in the shop, not what was explained here. That isn't what I would call arguing, it's more or less asking for confirmation.

    If it's true, then you are correct. I am fine with the price. No need to caps, it looks stupid. Also, try and not to get all pissy like that. I didn't even do anything to you.
    I will even quote the post just for you, since apparently you can't read anything above your own posts in a thread.
    Actually, I did read it. I just read it wrong. Sorry, I am human.
    Aynix wrote: »
    Nexon did their best to remove from meret shop things like inventory expansions, dungeon tickets, extra revive for raids, buffs etc, that you see in typicall dungeon crawler, to make the shop have as few things that looks "mandatory" as possible and yet people are still complaining that something is "to expensive"...
    You wot m8?

    Ya, not surprising because whether or not something is too expensive is based on what the price is. Not the types of items in the shop lol. Just because a game doesn't do pay to win, doesn't mean something can't be too expensive in the shop. I don't even know how you logically come to these arguments. They don't make sense.