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  • [Style Crates] Thank you Nexon and community +poll

    To be entirely honest. I am very surprised. I actually thought this was going to be the area where they wouldn't budge and would continue to do what they always have. To see them actually change this impresses me and really makes me believe Nexon is trying to turn over a new leaf here.

    I don't mind spending more if it means getting the item I want guaranteed. Far more likely to buy stuff in this manner than through loot boxes.
  • PLease extend founders packs

    Why did you even type this? Serious question.
    "The game is open in other regions, that you need a VPN, a foreign SSN/phone number and a willingness to commit identity fraud to play, so I think everyone that didn't buy a Founder's Pack was just fence sitting".
    Never heard of videos? I said it because the point is, you can see video footage of what the game is like. You can get reviews and information. The whole reason why preordering can often be seen as bad is because you cannot make an informed decision until the game is released. But clearly Maplestory 2, doesn't have that problem here because it's technically been out for a very long time.
    You can literally look at the forums you are on right and see people who are angry at how the game changed between overseas versions and even between beta to headstart.
    Yep, I am well aware. I never suggested everything was exactly the same. I even mentioned things change such as how they decide to monetize. But ultimately the base game is the same, so knowing Nexon ... you should be able to at least get a somewhat good idea of how it could turn out.

    Are you telling me you went into this game assuming the best?
    The people that bought founder's packs got something different to what they were expecting. The people that played the other versions of the game got something different to what they were expecting.
    How? Even I, while giving Nexon the benefit of the doubt was prepared for the worst. I played Mabinogi on and off for over 10 years or however long it's been out. I know their business practices and how they run things. The style crate, while I dislike it immensely, I always knew it was a possibility.
    And you're going to try and argue this?
    This is why I don't take any of your posts seriously.
    Do you really think I care whether or not you take my posts seriously? I just give my views, and you and I can agree to disagree. Clearly, you and I do. I don't consider your view invalid or anything. You have every right to dislike preorder items, but my point is not everyone dislikes it. Clearly. Right? I personally don't see anything wrong with it.
    Not to mention, this is a free game. The risk is all on the consumer in spending money and some people don't want to put their money on the line for something they haven't played. When you buy a founder's pack you are literally betting against yourself that you'll like something enough to have paid money for it even though it will be free.
    To be frank, they had a $25 pack, which is what I purchased. I consider that cheap enough to take the risk and they offered more than enough things within the pack for the value. If you don't like the game, all well. Down $25. I have spent more on other things. If you don't want to take the risk and feel $25 is still to much, then don't buy the founders pack. How exactly is this complicated?
    If you could get all the stuff from the founder's pack in game for free would you have even bought one? If you hadn't played the game before and there were no exclusive incentives, would you jump at the opportunite to spend $25~$100 to play it nine days early?
    If you could get all the items free from within the game, then ya ... I probably still would have purchased it for the simple fact that it came with merets. You got more than your moneys worth. Plus being able to get a name reservation and being able to play early.
    Most people do not want to take that bet.
    Then don't. I fail to see the problem.
    For those people, who don't have ingrained impulse spending habits or didn't win a lottery, they now miss out on a decent value for money deal that wouldn't even lose it's "exclusivity" if it was stretched after release indefinitely.
    It's a not a decent value if $25 is not worth taking the bet to you. That's a contradiction. Especially as I have pointed out that there has been more than enough information about this game to make at least a pretty accurate assumption on how much you would enjoy the game. This is coming from someone who actually may quit the game BTW because I don't like how it's been turning out. But I am the one who decided to spend the $25, and I absolutely 100% knew the risks involved and I felt it was a minor risk.

    Now everyone may not think it's a minor risk, and that is why they have the option to not buy it. If they felt they lost out, then honestly tough. Grow up. It honestly comes off as incredibly silly to complain at that point.
    Because you'd still have to pay the same amount of money on a free game to get it and most people aren't really willing to do that. It just doesn't even make any sense to argue against it unless you just want to shrink the potential profits of the game for the sake of protecting your own 'investment' in time limited paid items that have no actual value.
    The same thing goes for pre-order bonuses.
    I don't have a problem if they decide to extend it. I think you just assumed I did because I argued for why extending it doesn't really make any sense. If they extend it 10 days, after those 10 days there will be someone who missed it, and likely have the same complaint. Why not extend it 15 days? Then after how about 20? 30? When exactly is a good time to stop extending it? When is enough time to test it? All the information you could ever want has been available for quite some time. The OP isn't complaining that they didn't know whether or not they wanted to buy the game. They didn't even know about it the game at all.

    Anyone who has been here had ample time to decide. All information had already been given. Even Style crates have been announced before the founders pack sale ended. There is literally no excuse to argue that people didn't know whether or not they would like the game.
    I can't even be bothered continuing on with everything wrong with what you're saying.
    I don't even see anything wrong with what I am saying. You havn't really told me anything that would make me change my mind here.
    The fact is, without exclusive incentives, you wouldn't hand over your money sight unseen of a product. Especially if you could get it for free.
    And if the industry can't sustain itself without taking money from people sight unseen of a product, it shouldn't exist.
    I think you are over exaggerating. It was seen plenty.
    It should be funded solely by the quality of it's products, not by misdirection and problem spending habits. You know, like every other industry.
    Supporting anything otherwise is just plain foolish.
    The reason I think preordering is ok is because typically you preorder based on previous attained knowledge. For example, I preordered Fallout 76 because I have played enough Bethesda games to know I am very likely to enjoy this game. I have seen enough footage to be sure of that as well. I get some people preorder even before knowing that, but that isn't the industries problem ... that is a player problem. Why should I suffer because of people who make uninformed decisions?

  • And so it begins, the coming of the style crate.

    Secrots wrote: »
    OK, you want to argue semantics. Let's go back to square 1 when "entitlement" was used.

    2 : belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

    Privileges in this context is referring to owning something they do not have, but want. If you are still confused beyond this, I don't know what else I can do to clarify, but I'm almost positive you're trying to argue semantics for the sake of reducing credibility/derailing the original point. Hoping otherwise as that is pretty tasteless. Regardless of your response, I don't think I'm going to respond back on this particular point (being literal semantics).

    I think the issue is you are using a word that doesn't really describe the situation very well (or rather sticking up for a word someone else used that doesn't describe the situation very well).

    A couple things.
    1. The post from ParadiseXO called the entire thread as being entitlement. I created the thread, and the thread is not about me feeling like I am entitled to any sort of item or privilege. In fact, most of the thread isn't. That means the word doesn't even work here if you are following any known definition of the word.
    2. Not wanting to be ripped off isn't the same thing as feeling you already had been ripped off and then feeling you are now entitled to something that was never promised. You responded to Knowledge's post as if he said he felt ripped off, but that isn't what he actually said. He is in fact 100% correct. Not wanting to be ripped off isn't called entitlement. Now whether or not you want to consider loot boxes a rip off or not is up to you. Most people do see it as a rip off by the way, even to those who are typically OK with it because it's usually not them getting ripped off.

    Now, if this thread was about us buying into loot boxes and then thinking by buying them we now deserve the item we wanted from the loot boxes, that would be called entitlement. That isn't what this thread is about though, and that makes your argument here completely pointless. You shouldn't be sticking up for what was essentially a troll post.

    And if you wanted to argue that those who are doing that after buying loot boxes, are being entitled, fine. But you responded to someone who didn't say that. In other words, you are coming off as someone who is entirely misunderstanding things, which would explain why Knowledge seems confused by what you even mean.
  • And so it begins, the coming of the style crate.

    Oh seems my thread blew up. I have to say, I told you so. But of course there will always be people who stick up for terrible business practices because as long as those practices exist, they know for certain they will not be needing to spend $100s, and they will feel more confident that pay to win will not exist. It's pretty much players having other players foot the bill for them so they can continue to play.

    Then there are the people who show their lack of knowledge on how gambling works and why it works so well. It's usually the people who try and suggest that you just shouldn't buy the loot boxes, or you knew what you were buying. Scientifically speaking, it's no where near that simple. The way gambling is done is specifically meant to take advantage of the chemical that increases throughout a person's brain called dopamine when a reward is being anticipated. Addictive drugs work in a similar fashion.

    The only reason loot boxes work regardless of how much money some people spend is due to this chemical. It's the same reason gambling works, and why some people are willing to spend thousands, to just end up with nothing at all but still coming out of it feeling like they gained something out of it.

    So yes, it does work. It's a great way to earn money. But that doesn't mean it's a moral way to do it. It's a very predatory practice. This is why gambling has some fairly strict laws and guidelines. It's already been recognized by the government that gambling needs to be controlled. The issue is, laws have not really kept up, and many game companies have dipped their toe in the water testing it out and seeing how much they can get away with. They began realizing there are ways to put gambling in their game without it breaking the law. And worse. is they aimed it at kids and young adults.

    Games are already addicting enough as it is. I remember back in the day there was a ton of controversy of the amount of time people spent playing WoW.

    Anyway, I find it interesting that some people are claiming this thread is full of entitled people. I am actually going to argue that those who are for this practice are the ones who are entitled. They are the ones who are willing to allow other players to pay for the game for them, and when those paying players complain, they in return complain acting like these paying players should be happy, when they are the ones coming out on top and advantaging from it without spending a dime. While the paying players are spending $100s.

    How much you wanna bet most of these players who are calling us entitled would never spend the amount they claim is reasonable for cosmetics. It's only reasonable to them because they are not the ones spending the money.
  • $15 to 'hide your helmet' ... seriously?

    Xphobia wrote: »
    Don't underestimate Bunny. She's argued a full book's worth in paragraphs about a hat. You think a transparent hat is any different?

    Well, this comment made me laugh cause it's so true. I suppose I had pretty high expectations for this game and probably shouldn't have, considering it's Nexon. It sucks to be none stop disappointed in a game you have been looking forward to.

    But to be honest, I think I am done arguing here. The more problems I see being brought up, and the more I see other players dismissing said problems, the more I realize I expected too much. People don't care when others see something as a problem that they don't, and if it's not one of the ones they care about then they will pretty much argue with the people who do care even if it doesn't actually disadvantage them in any way if it was changed.

    It's just petty. But meh, I give up.