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  • The truth has dawned onto me....

    Rezi wrote: »
    Ok, first of all, Mabinogi released with 3 different premium services.

    I said back in the time of Vindictus Beta. At that time, the changes you spoke of halfway down your post had already been made. As for pay to play, VIP was and is Mabi's pay to play service. It's not like VIP was "like pay to play" - that's literally what it is, pay to play the game the way it is meant to be played instead of the trial version. Playing Mabi without VIP is like playing RuneScape without membership; sure, it's fine for some people, like me, but the company says it's "not the full experience" for a reason.

    Ya, but my point was the game had always been pay to win. Even when you played it. There was never a time Mabinogi wasn't pay to win. At least not that I am aware of, and I been playing the game since G1
  • The truth has dawned onto me....

    Rezi wrote: »
    Years and years ago, back in the archaic days of Vindictus Beta, I was already a Mabinogi player. On some incredibly old account that I don't even remember, I paid money for Mabinogi once and then Vindictus once. I paid that money because I knew that it would go to the developers; that is, the real developers, not the hacks that eventually replaced them and implemented stupid updates like RISE.

    Back then, the games weren't P2W. Sure, you needed to pay for character cards and non-periodic rebirths in Mabinogi, but at that time they weren't really necessary. Vindictus was also primarily costumes and pets, with no stupid equipment upgrade items flooding the cash shop. Back then, everything was golden.
    Are you joking? Or are you just unaware of Mabinogi's monetization history? Ok, first of all, Mabinogi released with 3 different premium services. I don't remember the names, but one would get you more inventory space and allow you access to set up a shop. One would give you premium items daily. The last would give you Nao support, allowing you to call on Nao to revive freely 3 times a day. I know there were other things like 3 daily bomb usage as well, but don't remember which package they belonged to. Each one of these cost about $5 each, or you could just get all 3 for $15. This also gave you access to the story of the game, and transformations. Yep, you had to pay in order to even do the story or use transformations.

    This didn't include rebirths. During this time, they didn't give you any for free, meaning unless you paid $10 (for basic, $15 for premium), you were stuck never being able to rebirth. Also, if I remember correctly you could only rebirth after a month or something like that, or maybe it was age based. It's been a long time. XD

    Point is Mabinogi was the most pay to win game I had ever played. The game was practically pay to play. And to say rebirths were not necessary doesn't' even make sense, yes they have always been necessary since day one. Ranking up skills hinges on you being able to rebirth. Without them, you would eventually hit a point where grinding for levels becomes entirely unproductive.

    Now later on down the road, they changed things up. Eventually, you could play the story and transform for free. They also began giving free rebirths once you reached age 16 I think it was, and then eventually they started giving free rebirths weekly. It progressively became less pay to win over time. But it still is technically pay to win even today, just in a different way. Now you can buy gacha and get powerful items. You can buy pets with AoE abilities and spam them to take out an entire floor of enemies. You can also buy upgrade stones for your weapons.

    There was no golden age XD. To me, it just sounds like you didn't pay attention, or the pay to win didn't bother you back then as much as you thought it did.

  • The truth has dawned onto me....

    In my opinion, what I see on these forums is a lot of players who are against pay to win not knowing how to meet halfway. They will complain even about very minute advantages that really wouldn't matter in the long term, nor would I even consider them pay to win. They are also willing to accept extremely high prices for cosmetics as long as it doesn't mean pay to win is present in the game. In other words, they are ok with sacrificing other players enjoyability of the game for their own.

    Now I don't know what the ratio is of paying players, but it would be interesting to see which players are under that category.

    Something super odd about this community, in particular, is how some free to play players think paying players are not any more important, nor deserving of anything more than they are. Even odder is when they try to call paying players entitled. XD That word has been so overused that it seems to have lost its meaning. It's just bizarre to see that word used against paying players.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    lol, I think I only hit level 20 last weekend. I don't get to play a whole lot. Maybe I will try and get to max level this weekend so I can get all the things xD. But if not, all well. I do dislike that they keep making these events level locked. I would like to enjoy the game at my own pace and not feel rushed.
  • [FEEDBACK] Style Crate Compensation Issue

    Governor wrote: »

    The analogy of an electric fence doesn't represent the situation; there's no incentive to keep on touching an electric fence (disregarding those who have those preferences). The style crate is better perceived as a reward from effort e.g. endorphin rush from a run. It takes longer or shorter depending on the person, but in the end, you'll get it eventually which is why people push forward with the style crates. For the sake of time and effort, I'm not going to dive into how chemicals in the brain work -- Scifinder is your friend.
    Oh trust me, I am very well aware of how endorphins work. I have been on these forums pretty much arguing the same point multiple times on why loot boxes are a hideous business practice.

    But my point here was you could literally see the rewards and the odds before you spent a dime and can come to the conclusion before endorphins ever had such an effect. In other words, I don't think you can blame this on endorphins. This comes off more like people willingly being scammed just to make sure it was indeed a scam.