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  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    Aynix wrote: »
    Aynix wrote: »
    No, its not silly. The event last for entire week, why would giveaway work only for that EXACT day?
    BTW calling yourself "dedicated player" while being lvl 32 after 12 days of game being up is more silly. You can literally reach 32lvl in 3h.

    What a ridiculous opinion to have.

    Just so you're aware: leveling isn't the only feature this game offers and a lot of people simply enjoy building, socializing, and doing fishing / dailies / whatever.

    Stop gatekeeping. I have 3 level 60 characters, all of them in hardmode and geared up but the OP is no less of a hardcore player than I am. We just have different focuses. They clearly play every chance they get and that is what I would call dedicated.

    Just so you are aware, all those things gives exp. He literally needs to play like 20 min/day or afk almost whole time he plays because almost EVERYTHING gives exp in this game and its impossible to have 32lvl after playing for 12 days. I lvled from 56 to 58 just by making my house.

    So if I was just in the game working on my house, for example, chatting with people. Even if it gave exp, there is no way it would have brought me to level 60 .. right? So what is your point here exactly? I could probably spend 100s of hours just hanging out with friends and such and still not reach level 60 if I wasn't doing the story. Right?

    I really don't think your arguments here work.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    Ecchym0sis wrote: »
    You cant make the event revolve around one person, I'm sorry, everyone has a life you're not the only one with a FULL TIME JOB! anyways they try to please EVERYONE as best as possible ALSO,

    There is AFK leveling - Fishing - and Instruments

    If you say; well I don't wanna pay to level - then I'm sorry - you're probably to closed minded and entitled to play the game...

    Also telling them the event is unfair to you as a dedicated player is a slap in the face to be honest.

    rant over/

    Hmm, I don't think your rant really makes any sense. It isn't just about a full-time job or what have you, it's a combination of things. I am sure if you had a full-time job, a family, and wanted to play through the story and actually read it and hang out with friends and just chat, or work on your house ... etc. You begin to realize, asking players to be at level 60 is telling players they can't play the way they are if they want to be included.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    fuzzys0x wrote: »
    Its not "unfair". Nexon did nothing to prevent you from playing the game prior and plenty time was available to level up. I'm sorry you missed out, but it isn't "unfair".

    Depends on what one constitutes as unfair. I would say a million player event really has absolutely nothing to do with level, so I can certainly see how it would be unfair. Especially since included in that million are players who just started probably. Are they not a part of that million? It just seems extremely odd to have a celebration reward for a million players but the reward isn't for all the million players XD.
  • UGC ripping is an issue that shouldn't be silenced

    I do understand the reason for not wanting anyone to call out names, but I do think Nexon is taking it a little too far. In the artist community, we often have a list of names to keep in mind of people who have been known to steal artwork. This isn't to make it into a witch hunt, but more as a means to protect ourselves and our content. And while it does ultimately end up with them being called out, I think that is good, because they should be called out. They are stealing, it's no small matter, and it's a matter that all content creators should be aware of in my opinion.

    Don't want to be called out, I have a very simple solution. Don't steal. It's not that hard.
  • The truth has dawned onto me....

    Ok, correct me if I am, wrong here, but whether there is a limit or not doesn't actually make a big difference for most players.
    I also don't think inflation is nearly as bad as you are putting it.

    The reason I say that is because many of the problems that come with inflation also happen using a limit. For example, rare gear is going to be super expensive with the limit because it's rarer than it would be without the limit. As such, those who want to buy such equipment are going to have to invest a lot of time into the game, but because there is a limit in how many dungeon runs they can do it will, in fact, slow down their progression. The end result here is people who spend more time in the game are still going to be ahead, it just slows it down considerably while giving the same problems as if inflation had already happened.

    While unlimited run means inflation will occur, making item prices super expensive, but it also means you can get more of these items, making them less rare than they would have been. This however still means people who want this gear will have to grind for it. You will end up having a ton of people ahead far more quickly than you would with the previous method, but the end result seems about the same beyond that. In both scenarios, most players can't afford this gear unless they spend time grinding for it. So the limit is really only limiting the players who want to play more and doesn't help the casual players at all.

    I don't know, maybe I am just not getting it. But I don't see how the limit actually changes anything other than slowing down the players who don't want to be slowed down.

    Also, Mabinogi's inflation is only as bad as it is because of the gacha, "newer" content (Like how shadow missions provide a better reward than dungeons for the amount of time spent.), and gold sellers. But considering those things, it's actually not that bad unless you are trying to buy gacha related items but those have more to do with the rarety of the item and not so much inflation. And we are talking about a game that is pretty much 10 years old or so. No dungeon limits present in Mabinogi, and I would say it's doing pretty alright considering everything working against it.