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  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    I am transgender and as such, I just play as the gender I identify with most, female.

    I will admit, about 13 years ago, when I played my first MMORPG I catfished someone even when not playing a female character. I liked someone a lot, but they were male and so I told them I was female. They believed it, well a lot of people did actually XD. I didn't really understand why I did something like that, it confused me but it felt right. Not right as in moral, or ethical, but right as ... it just felt more natural for me, it felt like me which was something I felt I had lost a long time ago.

    Long story short, one of my best friends in real life ratted me out. I remained friends with everyone, including the person I catfished. I guess they understood I didn't have any ill intentions by doing it. I can say it was a pretty heartbreaking experience for me. I even had someone who wouldn't believe it. They were 100% sure I was female. They thought I was doing this just to drive them away. Took a lot to convince them.

    Ever since that experience, I now pretty much always come forward as being transgender as soon as it seems someone is hitting on me because I never want to go through that again. I consider myself female and as such, I play female characters.
  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    Yes, it is an angry and dumb opinion to have.
    It's easy to call other's opinions angry and dumb when you don't have a very good argument to make against it.
    Because it comes from the ignorance of losing out on exclusivity of an item that is only exclusive in the sense that they chose to stop offering it and anger at the idea of other people being able to spend $100 on a game you like to get the same things you like, just because you bought it first.
    Yes, and something being exclusive is sought after by people, because it's appealing to have something exclusive. It wouldn't exist otherwise. I am a bit baffled how you seem to be so confused about something that has been done for decades. If they rereleased it again, it would go against the idea of it being exclusive. It would lose that portion of its value. (Not monetary value, but the value that exists for the person towards the item.)

    I also don't understand how you can say they should re-release it, like as if no one else is going to miss it afterward. There is always going to be someone who missed it. How is it fair to re-release it for a period of time, but then a year down the road not release it again for those who didn't get the chance? You just end up creating a situation where you make things more unfair. Why did they get a chance with a re-release but not them? Then they could use the same exact arguments you are trying to use. It's just entirely illogical and ruins the whole point of exclusivity.
    The value of the items doesn't come from their time period exclusivity as they are not a manufactured good.
    They can create an infinite number of founder's packs and it's as simple as turning a 0 into 1 for them to give out these 'exclusive' goods again.
    This argument doesn't make any sense because the same is true of the manufacturing process. All it takes is a flip of a switch sometimes to turn the machines back on. What makes them exclusive is the limited availability of the item.

    "Exclusivity: restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned."
    As you can see, the limit can be based on anything. If I limited an item to members of a guild only, that's exclusive. If I limited an item to those who saw a particular movie, that's exclusive. If I limited it to people who came in at 3am, that's exclusive.
    The real exclusivity of these items comes from the fact you need to spend $100 on a free game, which is still a tall order for a majority of the people playing it.
    This is just false all around. That isn't what makes it exclusive and doesn't even fit the definition. Plus there are $25 packs you know. You don't have to get the $100 pack. Obviously, not everyone is going to be able to afford the $100 pack no matter how long they remain available, so I don't see how this helps your point.
    Founder's packs aren't collectors items, they have no resale value, they have no appreciation or deprectiation. They are digital items worth nothing, as you cannot sell your account or trade it to someone else.
    You really need to look up definitions of these things. Collector's items are what they are because they tend to be exclusive or rare. Has nothing to do with resale value.
    It's pure ignorance to suggest anything otherwise.
    Says the person who is making up crap.
    Other people spending $100 on the game can only effect you positively, in that the more money Nexon earns from the game the more they will spend on improving it.
    Do it some other way. We don't need them to ruin what exclusivity means just because you personally don't understand it.

  • OX Quiz dev mistakes, list here

    Btw there are many questions with wrong or very questionable answers.
    As just one example"Does 1000kg iron ball weight nothing in space?"
    Answer in this game is Yes-It does weight nothing. But to my best knowledge it does indeed weight more than nothing here is why:
    1. You need to define many things including space in that question because you are in space right now! Whole earth is in space and there is space inside earth too. Sun is in space and you would not like your weight close to that thing. If you weight 100kg,sun would make you weight 2707.2KG!!!
    And we surely think about sun as "something in space"
    2. It does weight more than nothing even outside of our atmosphere. Lets say It would be possible to get infinitely far away from any celestial body,I made some math and in such case it would still weight 0.0000000780 grams measured from 0.02Vt/3
    Because 1000kg object itself does have its own gravity,someone could argue it would be more because of "power vacuum" that would get filled with it.

    You are welcome to prove me wrong but what your math does need to reach is 0,and it just can not :^) anything above 0 is more than nothing
    Even if you calculate that it would have 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 nanograms,it is more than nothing.

    But It is not like we can truly test that yet,because we would have to go far away from anything big,and it is pretty "impossible".

    I would at very least not ask such questions and pretend to be 100% sure answer is no or yes

    Interesting. I thought it was common knowledge that even when something is in space, as long as it is being affected by a gravity, then it has weight. I will argue however that if something did get far away enough from any sort of object ... then it should be weightless. Even with its own gravity it would be pulling toward its center of gravity and wouldn't really apply that force in any one direction, effectively making it weightless. The exception is if it was shaped oddly to where one part of the object could be affecting another part. Like a U shaped object. It would weigh different amounts depending on which side you weigh it on. At least it should in theory from my understanding.
  • You guys shouldn't ban things like this...

    Jimbos wrote: »
    Wow this forum has so many SJWs getting upset because we want to have memes in the game and not be restricted by people getting offended. Even if it is against the UGC's rules I am saying as a customer I would rather they didn't have these overbearing rules in the first place. And many many agree, it's a small vocal minority that gets offended by these things.

    I don't know if you can really call it SJWs. For example, I understand why the hat was removed but it's not as if I have a problem with the hat itself. The issue is that it's against the rules. It's really as simple as that. It doesn't even matter if they said it was against the wrong rule, it's still against the rule either way so it doesn't matter.

    To call people SJWs over this is just downright silly.
  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    I am against it simply because it defeats the entire purpose of exclusivity which is often what gives these things value. What you are suggesting is to make them lose their value. So while they may make a ton of money from those who didn't buy a founders pack the first time. The next time around they try and offer something "exclusive" they are likely to sell less than they normally would because people would know it's not actually exclusive.

    Many games no longer have what I would consider rare or even one of a kind items because other players complain that they can't get it. Ya, that is kinda the point.

    "Exclusive: restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned."

    How does it disadvantage me if they rerelease the founder's packs? Simple, lost value. When an item loses its exclusivity, it loses a lot of its value. And when I say a lot, for some people that very well could be all of it. Many people like these items, not because they look good, but because they are exclusive. Having something others do not, to be frank, is a good feeling. That may seem kinda mean, but that is the reality. You ever participate in a show and tell in school before? It wouldn't really be fun or interesting if everyone had the same thing to show.

    Rather than complaining about what you didn't get, you should just wait and buy something else. There will be more exclusive items coming. There always is.