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  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    Rezi wrote: »
    You believed it was wrong but felt it was right. That's a contradiction. An individual's feelings affect their morality; if you really felt it was right, you wouldn't have considered it wrong, and vice versa.
    No, see you are not comprehending what I said. There is no contradiction because of context. I felt catfishing the guy was wrong. But being a girl felt right. Maybe I wasn't clear enough when typing it out.
    Then that wasn't catfishing. Catfishing is when you intentionally fake a relationship with someone to get material benefits from it. If you really liked him, you weren't catfishing.
    Ahh, I see. I looked it up earlier and the definition said, "lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona." ... so I don't know.
    That's why I said - just tell them you're not interested, or that they need to know you better first. Most people who get angry over that are those who don't really care about you in the first place and never will because they see you as a target rather than a person.
    But how do I know if I am or am not interested? How would I know they would get angry about it if I don't say anything?
    I'm just saying that there's no need to tell them something personal because it's none of their business. If they're really discriminatory, and you tell them right off the bat, they'll talk about you behind your back and get other people to hate you. Most people aren't that mean, but unfortunately the ones that constantly hit on people certainly are.
    Well, to be fair, it's not like I tell them instantly as soon as they start hitting on me. They have to be doing it enough for me to feel like I should tell them, as in ... not just playful hitting on me or being silly ... but they are actually trying to get to know me. In other words, it's not like this. Random: "Hey babe (insert pick up line) ...", Me: "I am transgender." XD

    I usually also gauge them before I tell them anything. So chances are, I would know at least somewhat the kind of person they are before I tell them. I think the issue is, you are taking my statement maybe a little to literally when I said "I now pretty much always come forward as being transgender as soon as it seems someone is hitting on me" ... but it's why the "Pretty much" is in there, cause it's not every single time if it's just a random. It's also why I said "as it seems" ... in other words actually hitting on me and not just playing around. It can take some time before I figure that out. There are some people who just love to make others embarrassed/blushy and flustered for fun, in those cases I wouldn't tell them, in fact, I usually just play along.
    I'm just saying it's probably better for your social health if you refuse to give such people the time of day altogether.
    Not too concerned. I been through a lot, and don't think anyone online can do anything to me that I haven't already had happen or worse in real life. Also, surprisingly ... I have had the least issues online and in games.

  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    Rezi wrote: »
    Something doesn't feel right imo.
    Not really certain what you mean by that. What feels right is simply what feels natural to a person. Are you saying there is no such thing of that? Cause I am pretty sure pretty much anything that is wrong with you physically would feel unnatural and wrong. Like having a hand chopped off, as an extreme example. And anything that makes you feel complete and healthy would be feeling right.

    Or being yourself would be right while not being yourself would be wrong. I don't know, I figured this word usage was self-explanatory XD.
    But you were the catfisher...
    Indeed, but that doesn't change the fact that I liked him at the time, and we could no longer be together. I would even go far as to argue he was my first love, which is pretty crazy since I was 18 at the time. The thing is ... I never even considered dating guys before because of how it was perceived as being wrong. I just knew any girl that wanted to get with me, it just didn't seem to work out ever. Not compatible. With that said as of now, I am pretty sure I am bi ... just falling for guys is much easier since they tend to fall more in line with what I am attracted to personality wise.
    Now I just feel sorry for you, because most people that would have the benefit of the doubt later on are probably weirded out by that being the first thing you say in reply to their flirting. Not, I'm not interested, or I'd need to get to know you first, or anything like that. Just...revealing something super personal right off the bat.
    I don't think you realize how pissed off people get if you don't tell them something like that and allow them to continue to hit on you without them knowing. They will feel like you tricked them. I don't think telling people I am transgender is all that personal, to be honest. I don't see it as any different than telling someone you are not male or female.
    I'm glad that games help you feel that you can be someone that you weren't born as, but like... Maybe you shouldn't define every possible relationship you could have by starting with that. Good luck. :)
    Every relationship in existence starts off with sex and gender (well usually ... might be wrong with today's political correctness .. but I can't think of any situation where those two things don't apply at the start of a relationship), so I have no idea what you mean.

  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    Collector's Items are made to be limited on purpose, for the purpose of making demand exceed supply to give the items more value.
    The company benefits from this because having a highly desirable limited supply ensures that they will sell out and make back all their profits, removing the risk factor from the equation.
    Indeed, and it increases demand because people like exclusive items. But it's not done to try and meet as close to the demand as possible as you seemed to have suggested previously. As I explain, only making 100 of something wouldn't make sense if that was the case.
    The secondary market is also far more than just 'exclusivity', as every physical item ever manufactured is 'exclusive'. And it very much depends on the item itself whether or not exclusivity factors in things. For something like a card game, reprints may cause the value of earlier prints of the same card to go down. For books, a 1st edition will always be worth more than a brand new paperback of the same book. But I really don't want to have to break down how free market economics works for you, bunny. If I'd looked at who I was quoting before I hit reply on the first post we wouldn't even be here right now.
    And the reason the value of these reprints go down is that the item becomes less valued by the customers. Because exclusivity has value.
    Quite frankly, it almost sounds like you do understand it, but then you somehow discard what you understand and pretend it doesn't matter.
    Because of risk and risk management. As in, if you make a billion cards and nobody buys them, you back up the supply chain, distributors and stores willing to buy your product dry up because they have shelves of stuff already they can't sell and you go bankrupt with your pile of cardboard. That's why physical goods are limited. Or seasonal.
    If it was such a risk then why not make all items limited? I am not quite following what your argument is here, or how it makes any sense. Clearly, there is a demand for these items if they are making it. Why only make 100 of a figurine? Cause if they make 1,000 they may not sell them all? Well, that applies to literally everything. So what makes these limited items different than any other item that they decide to limit them? Where does the extra risk come from?

    I don't see how one card is any riskier than another. Unless it was a card no one wanted, then why would you even make it, to begin with? You would make far more by making something people do want.
    Or there are reprints due to demand. Physical goods work on a completely different level to digital goods because they are physical. The exclusivity of a physical item and a digital item are non-comparable, because one is a limitation of the free market and the other is simply a self-imposed limitation. End of story.
    It's not "end of story", because I disagree. I don't think there is much of a difference that you seem to think there is. Exclusivity is something that exists because people like exclusives and that is something that applies to both physical and digital goods. If you were correct, then why do exclusives seem to work the same in reality? We wouldn't be here even arguing if what you said was true. But clearly, people are still willing to go after digital exclusive items all the same.
    The Founder's Packs are only limited because Nexon chooses not to sell more of them. You don't want them to sell more because you don't want other people to have these items should they want them. Exclusivity does not apply because for the period that they were sold, there was an unlimited amount of them to be sold and there still are, should Nexon choose to turn them back on again. The only value they hold is that you have one and someone else doesn't. These are irrefutable facts.
    Again, this literally goes for all exclusive items, even physical items. The limit on how many are made is chosen by the company who makes them. There can be an unlimited amount if they just keep the operations going.

    I think you are confused. I get that there are no real costs to duplicate digital items, while there is a cost to creating physical goods. So technically there is more risk involved when selling physical goods compared to digital goods. You could keep digital sales always active and you really wouldn't be losing anything. But if sales begin to slow down on physical goods, there is a point where manufacturing them no longer makes any sense because it's unprofitable. But this literally has nothing to do with exclusivity and I think that is where you are confused. I think you are trying to just take a characteristic of physical goods, and act like exclusives must have that characteristic.

    You are wrong though. Again, if you were right things wouldn't work as they do. People don't care that a company can just flip a switch and make an unlimited amount of an item. People still like their exclusives, and as such companies cater to that desire. Again, the manufacturing really has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    Also, just for posterity, I already have a Founder's Pack. I also have multiple other exclusive digital items that I don't really care that much about. So if you seem to think I'm arguing from this position because I want something I can't have you're very sorely mistaken. I simply see no point in keeping direct purchase digital items exclusive. All it shows off is that you spent up to $100 on the game. Anybody with $100 can do that. It's not really a very prestigious club, so why make it exclusive.
    Again ... because people like exclusives. How many times do I have to repeat that for you to understand it? Just because you don't see any value in it, doesn't mean other people don't see value in it as well.

    To some people, there is value in having things other people don't. Westworld quote "If you don't see the value in that, then you are not the businessman I thought you were." .. .think I got the quote right.

    It works because it works. Again, you don't need to understand why or see the point. People like exclusives, period. I don't see how this is hard to understand, but whatever.

  • Questions for founders ?

    To be honest, just the exclusive nature of it tends to make me want things. Knowing if I don't get it then, I won't be able to get it later. Knowing I can have something someone else might not have. I love exclusive items. If I had the money I probably would be a big-time collector.

    I am pretty sure this sort of thing applies to most people when it comes to things like founder's packs. But in this case, the merets and items were also a pretty good deal too. If you were planning on buying merets, there was really no reason to not buy the founder's pack because it came with an almost equal amount of merets to your purchase along with tons of other items.
  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    Except it's not, because physical goods have this thing called 'risk' associated with them. In that, creating and stocking a physical item costs money and not selling it, also costs money. The limited availability of physical goods is simply the manufacturers and distributors attempting to match as closely as possible the supply of the item to the current demand. All of these factors do not apply to digital items and any that do are artificially imposed. Nexon has an infinite costless supply of Founder's Packs. There are as many Founder's packs as people want to buy. Every second they do not have a Founder's Pack for someone that wants to buy one, it actually costs them money in a lost sale. Which is the opposite of how physical goods operate almost entirely.
    Again, you don't seem to understand how exclusive works. Making something exclusive rarely has to do with the manufacturer attempting to match the demand. That would not make any sense for figurines that are limited to only 100 in existence. Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me they do that because they only expected 100 people to want it? Are you joking?

    You realize if that was actually true then the price on these items would never go up. The reason they typically sell for so much after the fact is that there is someone who wants it that didn't get it when it was being sold. And I got news for you, the company that originally made it and sold it for $200, isn't making the same that the original buyer is going to make on it. They might be able to sell it for $1,000 or more, simply because it's exclusive and someone, a collector, wants it.

    Why do they do this? It serves no benefit to the company at first glance, right? The truth is, it does benefit them. How? By creating lifelong customers. The type of customers who are going to continue to buy your products. If they took those exclusives and decided to re-release them, they would lose customers. They may make more money in the short term, but they would lose it in the long term because those who are collectors and those who would buy to resell, will no longer do so. The items are worth goes down, and the value to the collector goes down because you never know when they will just add more.

    If you were actually correct about what you are trying to argue, exclusives wouldn't exist.
    So I don't understand how you don't understand that the word exclusivity does not apply to these Founder's Packs, because the exclusivity is simply an artificial aspect when it comes to digital goods.
    All exclusivity is artificial outside of natural objects like a meteor.
    The limit is self-imposed by Nexon. They could choose to re-release these Founder's packs at literally any time at no risk to themselves and only serve to profit from it.
    As can most companies even with physical goods. Do you really think all limited items have high manufacturing costs? Cause, I can assure you ...they really don't. In fact, what makes the costs seem high is the fact they are putting an artificial limit on it. For example, running machines just to make 100 of something costs a lot. Adapting machines to make them also cost a lot. If anything, they would benefit from it more by not making it limited, but they do anyway because people like it. It creates good relations.

    Now, on the other hand, some items do cost a butt ton to make and in that case, that is why they are limited. But this isn't the case for everything. I think a really good example of this is cards, you know for damn sure there are no cards that cost more to make than they are sold for, but yet some of them are limited editions. Why? They clearly could sell more if they were not limited ... right? So why do they do it? Based on your arguments thus far, why on earth would a card manufacture make limited edition cards if it doesn't cost much to make them?

    Because exclusivity sells. The idea of something being exclusive makes people want them more.
    So why shouldn't they? Because you don't want other people owning the same item as you?
    That's the part of this whole anti-Founder's argument that really makes no sense.
    You're trying to protect the exclusivity of these items like they actually have a value, when the only value they have is that you own them and another person doesn't. When you say the word 'exclusive', that's all you could possibly be implying.
    And what you don't seem to understand is that exclusivity matters to people. It doesn't matter you don't comprehend why people like that sort of thing, the fact is, they do and there is nothing you can do or say that will change that. You can whine and complain, throw a fit here on the forums. Name call and use ad hominem and none of that si going to change that people do care about exclusivity. It doesn't matter what the manufacturing process is. It doesn't matter how much monetary value the item has. It doesn't matter if it can't be resold. None of that stuff matters. The only thing that matters is people want the item, and they value that item because it's exclusive.
    Why do you want to deny other people a digital item, with infinite supply that they would still have to pay the exact same amount as you to own?
    Because people like exclusives. I deny other people the items because they didn't buy it when it was available to buy. A founder's pack is a founder's pack, not a general pack that is released every year or whenever a bunch of people cry they wanted it.

    None of what you are saying actually matters when it comes to exclusive items. This is how the world works. Please, for everyone's sake, get over it and move on. It's not going to change.
    What do you gain out of doing that? What does Nexon gain from doing that?
    We gain an item that is exclusive. Nexon gains customers that are willing to come back again and again because they have not lost their trust. People who like exclusives will buy more exclusives and those are the people who are more likely to stick around than those who were unsure on whether or not to buy something or who didn't even know the game existed.
    There's really no actual reason for them to not resell the Founder's Packs.
    There are reasons, you just don't want to accept the reasons. You are a person complaining that you don't get it, like as if your ability to get something factors into the equation. It doesn't. You don't have to get it, these things will still be sold.
    But please continue being irrationally angry about the prospect of it happening.
    I am not angry. I am just proving you wrong. But I understand you need to use ad hominems because you realize you don't have a very good argument. Claim you are arguing agaisnt someone who is just irrational and angry to try and make it seem like you are the one with the better argument. I got news for you though, everyone sees through it.