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  • Better Black Marketplace

    Don't mean to burst a suggestion but this is currently doable in the current Black Market already.

    The extra stuff like attributes are under the Additional Options section.
  • Only show insignia's that you have unlocked.

    I think it's great to keep the Insignia list, for insignias a player is expected to obtain at any time. It let's me see if there's something I can aim for if I wanted to.

    Event, time-gated, or limited Insignia's should be default hidden (or in a separate list) however yes.
  • Reducing the Hour or Two's Tedium in Gathering

    Hello! I made a thread already about this topic in the Life Skill category asking if people agreed that gathering takes up too much time or not, feel free to add to the poll over there your own opinion ->

    This thread however is dedicated to my suggestion towards the above issue - and whether the idea is worth pursuing, in case the GMs/CMs prefer reading it here I mean -

    - - - - -

    The problem: Once you start reaching higher-tier gathering for Mining, Foraging, Ranching, and Farming, it may start to dawn how much time is spent per day just to get everything gathered for your daily.

    Specifically for me, since I'm on and off with my auto gathering badge (so not super optimal), it tends to take a good hour or two to get through all of the gathering because of how many things there are to gather. There's many other dailies beside gathering I want to complete too!

    My suggestion?: Similar to how fishing get's easier as you rank up and go to lower-rank areas, gathering lower-tier nodes could be improved. Lower-tier nodes could be gathered faster, either in success rate or in how much you gather at a time.

    The accomodation: The above suggestion is in line with keeping the Auto Gathering badge and Instant Vouchers. I didn't want to devalue them too much so my suggestion is to only affect the lower-tier nodes. The relevant-tier nodes can still require the player's diligence.
  • Getting Daily Gathering done vs. Time in our Lives

    Alright, I'm of the group who has way too much time on my hands what with being able to work at home.

    But spending an hour or two on gathering is starting to become a bit of a toll, after a month of gathering so far.

    I'll put a poll about whether y'all think Gathering takes up too much time.

    - - - - -

    I really want to keep up with gathering every ingredient, but what with so many things to gather, and more to come, I worry about the total time people end up spending on gathering.

    I don't want to devalue the auto-gathering badge or instant gathering vouchers necessarily, so instead for my suggestion it'd be nice if, say, lower-tier gathering nodes can be gathered faster. Like if a node is 5 levels below or more than you'd gather the item twice as fast, or something like that. That way the relevant nodes will still require some diligence, but the early stuff doesn't have to join in the tedium at least.

    If you have a suggestion, feel free to post it here, (but don't forget to post in the Suggestions forum category too.)
  • Why are dungeons so toxic?

    The variety of toxicity is about what I'd expert from an average online community. There will be people who feels like everyone has to be top-tier tryhards, and others who don't understand the mechanics of anything. Some people who think their current skill level "is" top-tier, and others who just like to shout at others. Try not to let it get to any of y'all, just try and remember there's always better people.

    Of course there may always be perfectly legitimate concerns, but players need to teach you, not yell at you, if they want to see it improved.

    Aha if anything from my group's pov, whenever my group doesn't have a 4th and we get a random from dungeon search, even if it's someone who uses the off-hand trick we don't mind carrying them. We admittedly like to observe the player and see how they do, but we try and provide advice when we can in response to it. Being toxic doesn't teach people after all, and there's that slim possibility we could be wrong about something ourselves too.

    But in the end I'd still recommend Party Finder, or alternatively finding dungeon groups in places like Discord servers or so on.