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  • Meret Based Revival

    I dont see the problem with meret revival, Its not first game with something like it and wont be the last. But anyways, as long as its not an infinite amount and its restricted a little, its fine. Like someone else said another thread, "Its doesnt change their performance in the dungeons...etc" (paraphasing). So yea, what the problem?

    Edit: I see it as last resort after the meso revival. I mean its not like everyone going to be spam meret revives everyday, just nice a back up to have. (This coming from an extremely casual casher.)
    Anyways, what game is not based on skill? Even whales still need skills, most of endgame content in the games I play.
  • Skin-Revealing Clothes

    Transparent UGC has already been suggested and Nexon is working on
  • Theory Crash and Burn Scheme

    I feel Nexon may be a weird company. They are known for P2W, but they are not known for shutting down their games in short time frames. Games like Dragon Nest and DFO were doing bad here, but they kept it up for a LONG TIME.

    I can't provide any hard examples as I am not too known on them, but let's talk Lawbreakers and Riders of Icaurs.

    Lawbreakers died because it legit had 2 players online at one point, that's a failure and a cause for a shut down the servers were still running until September I think?

    Riders of Icarus is also a bad game, but it's still running, the official discord is still active and players are still on it and mods are still posting updates and announcements. It did go dead after some time, but now I can't go a week without hearing a notification from that server.

    If a game like Riders can survive, there is no doubt MS2 will also survive.
    I feel it's still too early for anything to happen, and to be fair, a fair majority of the community is going crazy.

    Like going crazy over the 9 days headstart, hating mushking, Paci trophy, fair fight, not being able to actually play the game, I feel like Nexon knows the community is on the red and people are unhappy. It makes sense they are quiet, they are probably afraid to make people more mad then they are right now by making a message and people go and digest every word to find any more reason to hate on Nexon.

    This also reminds me to when Paladins had it's controversial update (OB 66?) and the devs at Hi-Rez went straight silent and started quoting lines from EA " We want to fill our players with Pride and accomplishment" or some stupid stuff.

    And it's not like MS2 can just "restart" the Mushking Leaderboards, that would cause EVEN MORE drama and just disabling the mode would have the same effect.
    Both of the games only did bad because of the Nexon management....

    For DFO is doing extremely better under its Developer "Neople" for NA aka Global version and still going strong. Dragon Nest is...... yea but atleast Nexon is trying to learn a little from previous mistakes with game management. They are actually listening more to the playerbase than they did back then. All the improvements they have made so far (give or take a few) are have a great impact on the game.

    I am in no way an advocate for Nexon. I hated how they managed games in the past, which lead to the game demise (Specifically DFO but Neople takeover and its better yea).

    Also, I dont think they are purposefully trying to drive this game in the ground. Its Nexon, its what they did....jokes aside there is no perfect way to manage a game or no perfect Publisher, but atleast they trying to learn and improve (somewhat) unlike other companies.

    P.S. this is my 1st Nexon game spent the demise of DFO.
  • For real?

    Nexon'd *Insert DFO Male Mechanic 1st Awakening Pic*
  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    Its much what Gunpowder posted with a little more. "Maple Workshop" sound like UGC Workshop to me