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  • 5 minutes that summed up my experience so far...

  • About Thunder Hammer Weapon Boxes

    DrakesBlue wrote: »
    Just why?
    Why do they exists? Why would you expect anybody to waste money on them? Why did I put so much time into mastering mining and smithing to create weapons that barely even fit into the small niche between lv.50 and Hard Mode dungeons?

    Because the game originally released in 2015. When in the actual normal life cycle of the game there was probably a relatively large period of time in which those weapons helped fill the gap. For global release however we are playing "catch up" as it were so things that may have been spaced 3-6 months between patches we are getting per week. It is an unfortunate side effect of being 3 years behind original launch.

    So you got kicked at 5th highest dps in your raid? So Im assuming everyone below you got kicked as well(besides priest)? Which would mean your guild must have a whole second set of raiders ready to go pulling over 80 mil dps, which should mean your guild at least has a second raid team... So wouldnt you just get dropped back to the second raid team? OR you might just be being hyperbolic to try and prove a point, except it doesnt actually make any point when you are fabricating evidence...
  • How to make Mesos without dungeons?

    Alts and dailies. So youve idenitified that you arent good at dungeons, realistically you need to start grinding up alts. Completing the 3 daily meso missions with no lucky bag procs gives about 220k meso's if you have 5 characters at 50 thats a million meso's a day for a rather small time investment. Take a week or two and build up some capital. As your doing this start watching the black market, start looking for trends, what days things are selling quicker, what days are certain items selling slower. Use your capital to start making small flips. Make sure you follow the upcoming patch notes so you can possibly get ahead of changes that may turn items much more valuable.
  • this game is going downhill fast - error 10053

    WAtheAnum wrote: »
    i get it every 2-5 minutes depending on what i am doing in the game , and i've done every fix on the list they gave, its a lost cause

    i kinda can second this. i pretty much did a lot already to my internet/network/router too, reseting my router, restaring, reinstalling it, creating a new outcomeline, opening ports, conection fixes, firmware update(again), etc.

    somtimes i get this error like 3 times in a row too. So tbh, i will not say the game sucks now for this error but i sure would say i wish they fixes it or help us with a more "direct info" what we actually can do to prevent said error happens. i cant fix something if i duno who has to fix it or what i have to fix, if it is "i" who has to fix it anyways...

    Kiwano wrote: »
    Khalyk wrote: »
    MOST people DONT experience it, therefor ITS ON YOUR END NOT NEXONS.

    Well, not necessary. The game client is on your end as well. The cause has't been revealed, yet, so it may just be that the client can't handle certain situations or system configurations. And from I know, the MS2 client requires a very reliable connection and it handles timeouts and delays rather badly.

    Erm, the cause has been revealed, 10053 is a unstable data connection to the client, WHY it happens can be varied, its exactly why I suggested for them to try and go through a VPN because most people with 10053 errors are going "I tried everything my connection is fast its not on my end" Not understanding that different ISP's sometimes have different connection protocol's and it is absolutely possible for it to "Not be on their client side" and not be on Nexon's server side and still be a problem. Its also why if they had tried everything I suggested trying a free VPN because that then changes the final connection point from IP>ISP>Nexon server to IP>VPN client>ISP>VPN server>Nexon server. It helps narrow down if a problem might lie within the difference in how your ISP handles packet loss and how Nexons server handles packet loss, an example being if your ISP's connection doesnt do anything until you hit 3% packet loss, but Nexon's servers disconnect you if they detect over 2% packet loss(Total hypotheticals btw) it could be why the problem isnt extremely wide spread and only some people are falling into these "packet loss sweet spots"