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  • Piece of Crap Dungeon drop rate

    Shawnyy wrote: »
    The drop rate is crap. It’s a fact. Not my opinion but fact. If you see the dungeon rewards having a possibility of 15+ items and u only get the same 3 items (weapon,hat,top) then there’s a real problem. Then on top of that I don’t even enjoy playing the dungeon because it’s literally 30minutes to run 10tronix runs then boom I can’t do anymore dungeons for the day because it’s an absolute waste of resources if u do..... just kinda dumb.

    If they want the drop rate this crappy at least significantly raise the dungeon limits daily and weekly to like 70 a week or something, make it a 10 reward run per dungeon, or remove the limits all together.

    I like how I stated statistics, and you responded with the evidence of "Nuh uh cuz I said so." Solid argument there bud. The game isnt designed to be completed in a day.
  • Piece of Crap Dungeon drop rate

    at 4 days, with a 10 dungeon cap per day and 30 dungeons per week and lets say you capped it before you hit 50 so you got a full reset and then did your 10 dungeons for day 4, that means in total you can only have done 40 dungeons, not all of which are at max level... I dont think a sample size of 40 is good enough to start complaining about drop rates less than a week in. Also I almost always assume drop rates were probably higher than they should have been during Beta so they could test if anything wacky happens during certain rare drop criteria... Just... Calm down man.
  • What have you accomplished for your RuneBlade?

    Basically in the same boat. Plan on maining Runeblade so just kinda stockpiling cash and materials to transfer over on live.
  • Founder's Pack Headstart

    While I am actually shocked head start is that long, its still not p2w... Nothing achieved in those 9 days is unachievable on standard release... It is what it is... A headstart. and while that absolutely will give some people a leg up in the initial economy, if you think a game, (whos lifespan is hopefully in years), can be ruined completely by 9 days of headstart, then you should probably not worry in general as you already see the game failing, just dont put money into it and enjoy the ride. You also must believe that no player will ever join after official launch and even if they would, they wont be able to have fun or compete even if they join a week late...
  • Founders pack "Head start"

    DanDK wrote: »
    To those saying that a few days head start usually don't make a difference, I generally agree but do keep in mind that unlike other MMOs the current progression rate in MS2 is insane and even a few days can create a huge gap between players. In a MMO with normal progression, people have time to catch up within the same week or so. Here, people reach end game in half a day.

    I can see your point, but would argue with all things being relative that the people who arent in headstart will be hitting max level their first day as well. So as long as headstart isnt an exceptionally long time, which again I doubt it would be more than a day or two, if the game's economy cant handle a day or two(less of that being at max level) the game has fundamentally bigger problems. But I can absolutely see a big problem if for whatever reason they did a long head start period with people hitting cap in the first day or two and then farming top tier mats for a week.