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  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    Khalyk wrote: »
    I guess the real question is does anyone actually care? If you came to MS2 looking for love Ive got some bad news for you...

    Interestingly, I know a lot of couples that met through video games. Some of them even married, but wife rarely plays, husband is like hardcore. I was actually invited to one, but I didn’t go, because it was too far.

    Some games sure, A msrb "E 10+" game like MS2? No thanks bud thats how you end up with Chris Hansen.

  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    I guess the real question is does anyone actually care? If you came to MS2 looking for love Ive got some bad news for you...
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  • So Demotivating

    I guess my biggest problem with this post is right here... @rawmilk

    "What kind of game (especially MMO) allows someone who plays 1 hour/day to compete with someone who plays 10 hours/day? Of course there will be some who get really lucky so on average this should not be the case but it is."

    Almost EVERY single MMO I can think of relies on RNG in some form or another... UO ran on almost pure RNG loot tables for mobs, EQ had specific gear droppers but extremely low drop % RNG, SWtoR and WoW use RNG in almost everything to the point where WoW doubled down with the Titanforging system to where drops have RNG on RNG... In fact the only game I can think of that didnt use or used very little RNG was Shadowbane, Rune droppers always dropped runes, and top end gear was crafted but even then if I recall correctly the suffix/prefix's were random so you had to craft TONS to make that perfect gear...
  • On GM power abuse

    Morlach wrote: »
    we are entitled to know action was taken but we are not entitled to know personal information or anything futher, it does not effect us at all,

    In what world do you think, players of a free to play game or players of any game are entitled to know any internal information about a company? You are not a share holder, you are not staff, and you are not Human or media relations... You have no entitlements to know anything about what the company is doing internally... Dont get me wrong Im glad they are being transparent to assure players that they are checking and being active against hackers and cheaters. But from reading their statement of dungeon run abuse with a close group of friends and purchasing things with test merets, I highly doubt ANYONE would have known the system was being abused, I think they made sure to be outspoken about it so people know they are actively looking for cheaters to dissuade people from cheating.
  • Wow, this game.

    I'm really very happy with this game. Took me entirely be surprise. I've tried dozens of other MMO's that I only play for a couple days at best. Black Desert, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, to name a few. None of them gripped me like this one. I love Maple Story 2 for how extremely well polished it is, the casual nature and usability and the lovely community. Gunna stick with this one for a good long time.

    I could have typed every word of that. 2018 has been horrible for MMO's. Spent money on ESO, Played the WoW expansion for a hot minute, did Tera for a week, reinstalled Ultima Online, played a little BDO, and nothing has grabbed me like MapleStory 2. I'm so very proud of Nexon for how they're handling this game. Take mah money nao! Wildstar closing is why I'm here, but I'm happier here than I was, even in Wildstar. Keep this up Maplestory 2, and you'll dominate the MMO market with this gem.

    @Techn0mancer A fellow old school UO player?! Bestill my beating heart lol