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  • So, double drop is gone, but then we have reset.?!

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    It's the same, just twice the effort.
    It's okay I guess, some people like to work hard to get what they want. The others, well... they just wait till the next event.

    I know.. I know....and yet, people are so happy and excited about dungeon reset feature with no double drop. They are acting like no brainers. So pathetic.

    You can tell the double drop really spoiled you.

    it did spoil me. the only problem was, I did not get a single purple gear from tronix bunker runs.

    so.. it was 60 tronix runs with double drop. Oh ya, I got lots of double blue gears, but not a single purple gear.

    I NEVER completed 30 runs a week I think the closest I got was 25 playing basically only on weekends... I got to 4k GS. What were you doing that after multiple weeks of double drops that you were still running for purples in tronix...
  • Please do not make event rewards RNG

    RNG rewards are fine and literally used in EVERY SINGLE MMO CREATED. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, Still dont have Frost scythe of Ahune or Headless Horseman and Love Rocket mounts from WoW's seasonal events after like 8 years. Sometimes you have to learn to deal with disapointment.
  • Someone made over 200k merits ripping off my work

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    just fyi, most anime/game companies do not strictly regulate their copyright laws unless artists make a ton of money off them. That being said, yes, we do know that sometimes we do get things taken down or asked by the company to take certain images and copyrights down. If you were drawing for a while, you will aslo know that, we know boundaries we should never cross and which companies are more OK with crossing boundaries. For instance, if you draw spiderman or ironman stuff by marvel, you better keep it to yourself, because company will sue you personally. On other hand, some companies don't care much about them at all. In fact, most posters & Arts that you can find online right now on animes/games are not by the game company or licensed by them at all, but artists just using them. They do not get punished for this as long as they do this within reason. Anyone who went to anime or game conventions and bought stuff will know what I mean

    But are you sure you arnt crossing the line by taking another video games design and putting it into this video game where Nexon will make money off it. Gaming companies know not to steal other games designs. Why is it justified just because a player drew it and not Nexon. And again this does not relate to cosplay or any other real life thing because this is a video game. So to sum up the way I see it is video game artists know not to use other games designs so you should no not to as well.

    Oh and the reason those conventions allow it is because 1. alot more of it than you think was approved by the company and 2. in regards to cosplay and fan art they know their fans enjoy it and they dont see the harm of it since its for fun. Plus telling your fans they cant do fan art or cosplay would probably upset them. But this again is a video game not real life.

    How does Second life stay open? I'll wait.

    We need to shut down that furry infested cringe fest freak nest once and for all. All those daddy issues running around in that game. We need to kill it with fire before they start to fornicate and crap all over the place! >;O

    You seem to know alot about what goes on there... Odd...
  • I want to enjoy this game, but I just can't.

    Konotori wrote: »
    I love so many things about this game, from the art and music, to the mini games / side activities and all that... but, just like every other MMO these days, the game sacrifices actual gameplay to appeal to as many people as possible and con them for whatever they're willing to spend.

    A lot of classes do their highest damage through macroing two buttons and just holding down the macro (hell, half of Wizard's skill tree is useless), there are no mechanics or anything to boss fights, there's no challenging content whatsoever... it's just a big grind fest -- then combine that with all the F2P timegating, lack of content (also because of F2P), crafting being worthless, and all that... I knew the game would be that way, given who made it and what MS1 was, but I wanted to believe there'd be at least one MMO I could enjoy these days.

    I should know better though. Games aren't made for people like me anymore.

    Uh you realize this is an E 10+ mmo designed more around Habbo hotel then around EQ right? Pool's closed btw.
  • this game is going downhill fast - error 10053

    No connection error problems on my end (nor anyone I know personally) but I agree with basically everything else the OP said. This double drop event may be making people happy in the short term, but it is basically punishing anyone that wanted to take the game seriously, i.e. founders that jumped on board for a head start. This is a pretty blatant equalization process, specifically to remove any advantage that people that paid 100$ for to get. A lot of the tryhards like myself (although I thought of myself as casual until posting in this forum; apparently I'm a tryhard) feel like this event is pretty much kicking us in the junk for working hard, spending millions of mesos, joining tryhard guilds, making investments in what we assumed would be a functional economy etc.

    The people happy about these changes are happy because it's "sticking it to the man", i.e. the people that worked hard to get ahead, but one day, their turn will come, and they'll be railing about their in game wealth being wiped out, and achievements nullified with an upcoming patch, mark my words. It's a bad precedent to set, imho.

    Well my UO brother maybe let me try and add a silver lining, I understand not being able to play during "double drop" sucks and feels like you may be getting way behind, but the other thing its doing is driving prices WAY down on pretty much all the epic gear. Example, last week I checked for my Runeblader on the epic scythe because at the very least I wanted to turn it into a weapon skin later, it was averaging about 15 mil. This morning I checked the black market and there were 3 of them up for 2.5-2.7 mil. People have spent 10's of millions of mesos to be "ahead" in gear for a week basically, hopefully once you get the problem fixed you can "buy in" exponentially lower and be almost as close GS anyways.