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  • Why I Quit Maplestory 2 (W/ Suggestions for Nexon)

    While I disagree with most of your points, you posed them in a calm and logical manner unlike some others which I can respect. So lets jump into it.

    1: While I can actually agree with part of your point because there are few reasons to go with anything but Murp, I will disagree with pointing out where the symptom stemmed from. The symptom stemmed from Nexon NA listening to people already start crying about the RNG grind. To help vastly speed up the grind for Chaos Raids they basically rolled every passive bonus into every weapon. At that point why would anyone work on anything other than the overall best passive? Now the other factor that I think played a large part in this is they werent waiting enough time between patches, If they spaced out patches by maybe a month between each, so theoretically hitting Chaos Raids the beginning of month 3 everyone would be in a much better spot gear wise and not feel so crunched.

    2: I whole heartedly disagree with this point. You dont even have to look very hard for information by just typing in "Maplestory 2 tips" on youtube or just read the stickied threads and top posts on the subreddit... Heck there is even a meme on the sub about how happy people that listened to all the tips a KSM2 player posted on how to get ready for Chaos Raids are... It is not players duty to go out of their way to make sure you know how to optimally play the game, that should be something every player is researching on their own. Or just not worry about min/maxing and go at your own pace.

    3: I think this is more a symptom again of the advanced patch rate we are experiencing to catch up to Korea, everyone is so focused on the hard push for gear score that the community hasnt really had a moment to gel. Dont get me wrong Ive seen here and there people running personal events, pvp arena's, etc from their homes, but these are few and far between as everyone's focus is ever driving forward.

    4: This is a point I can get on board with even more so with just clarity around what each stat does.

    5: Perhaps... Although Ive dealt with Trion Worlds so it will be a hard sell to convince me anyone is more willing to drive a game straight into the ground through monetization more so than them.
  • 5 minutes that summed up my experience so far...

  • How Maplestory 2 actually IS Pay to Win

    Children's game still too hard for some people, special report at 11.
  • is it really new content?

    PizzaBear wrote: »
    It's Nexon's fault for releasing too much content so soon. The player base now is like addicts who want the harder crack, but most of them just OD on chaos raid. Nexon should have introduced the content slowly, like one update every six months.

    Once every 6th months would probably be a bit much, but i agree the patches should have been a bit more staggered maybe every month month and a half?
  • GG guys Nexon Has spoken

    Khalyk wrote: »
    I'm with you too, enjoy your dying game. The producers letter again, whilst some of it positive does not address the core problems of progression and more or less is just a bandaid response acknowledging there is a problem, here is some QoL fixes in the meantime now go back to running FD 60 times a week for the few months until you have brute forced your way to +15 and enjoy your constant failures, oh and we can put you in touch with some good meso farmers if you run out of Meso and Onyx, this is pretty much it.

    Dying game... LOL. You do realize that besides your minority opinion, that the vast amount of the player base doesnt even use the forums right? Some games arent for everyone, and thats fine, yet I notice you and Heimer both had to TELL everyone you were leaving in posts instead of just voting with your wallet and leaving....

    its not a minority opinion. the player base does use the forums and reddit. just because you say so doesnt make it true numbers have dropped by a lot. people have been leaving left and right just steams player base alone dropping below 50% and everyone on the forums saying theyre quitting actually means something. if you blindly ignore why they are leaving you will have a small player base with a dead game because the devs wont update it anymore for them. people need to get their complaints out of why the game is bad so the devs can address the issues while i do like the game it is heavily flawed and i can also see myself quitting

    It is a minority opinion. How many players do you think MS2 has? 50k-100k? How many people are consistently crying on the forums? 10-20? Out of maybe say 100ish regular forum goers? Even extrapolating that out off that teeny tiny sample size is 10-20% which is factually and by definition a minority.... According to Steam's charts the percentage gain of overall players is a -.03% over the past month, so please dont pretend players are leaving in droves, the average concurrent players is still around 18-20k.

    Now lets for comparison's sake take a look at another Korean MMO that I have personal experience with, Archeage. AA Launched on September 16, 2014, and within that same 1st month window percentage gain was a whopping -25.28%... So maybe, just maybe, you should listen to your own advice "just because you say it doesnt make it true".