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  • I am salty. I lost out on over $100 in merets.

    You shoulda got banned for copyrighting if anything lol

    Your ripped content was banned and now you start to point your finger coated in salt? Regardless of how much you reiterate you arent doing this you aren't fooling anyone. People who break rules and then push for their enforcement out of spite are pretty spineless imo. Characteristics aside, report what you feel like violates the ToS and allow Nexon to do their job (babysitting incompetent people who do not read the rules and then complain is a hard job after all)... Whole threads out of salts because you feel mistreated that offer no real topic of discussion are pointless IMO

    What do you want us to talk about? Do you want pity? You coulda DM'ed a GM and it woulda been more effective than this method lol
  • [UPDATE] Mushking Pre-Season Known Issues

    They won't be punished watch.

    Maplestory's own fault for not catching this beforehand, when you reward the top 200 and there is a "exploit" to get them there. Can you blame the players for using it? Especially when the consequences of not using it is incredible frustration.

    Please delete the orb. Royale is unplayable at the moment.

    why do people promote this childish mindstate? literally the most basic form of responsibility you are given... and you cant maintain that

    so sad lol
  • Is overnight trophie botting acceptable?

    Well, if you're talking specifically about swimming... you don't need a bot to do it. What is Nexon going to do? Ban people for putting a book on their left key in real life? Lol. Something like that bomb throwing macro I saw is a different story though.

    dont mean to be mr internet police... but what you explained is by the Nexon ToS's definition... botting lol

    "Using macros, auto-looting or robot play, or any other behavior that allows you (or any character you are controlling) to automatically function or effect any action in a game with or without your presence."

    you can do all the mental gymnastics in the world... but you cant tell me im wrong when i say that given the situation, 90% of the people doing this are not present. think of it as this: you are the first party, the game is the 2nd, anything else, be it a book on a key, an auto clicker or the most advanced macro in the world... is the third party. this is why imo the term third party software is not used, because its not exclusive to programs but real life factors as well (one would think)

    its easily (i say with no coding experience or real knowledge of the subject) prevented by changing the spawn points when you fall off the edge for all maps so that it isnt a simple walk in 1 direction. then people would have to use advanced macros to divert through towns and then they can get banned for showing their true intentions lol

    the mentality of "well its just a minor exploit heuhheuh" is just not feasible when you take into consideration that the game itself is an investment. bypassing such basic responsibilities with shortcuts that constitute use of 3rd party tools (regardless of if its real life or a macro) is flawed itself and shows a lack of understanding for the damage such a flawed mentality presents in the long term. abusing exploits should be outlined across all boards, regardless of if its for personal achievements like trophies or a more severe one that affects the economy.

    now if you wanna sit there actively walking left and right to get the "distance travelled" trophy instead of gradually gaining it through actually playing the game for instance, then by all means do it. it would still require you to engage in the game in some form... but nobody would do that because its not an easy exploit they can afk, see my point? and in a game with so many afkable features, the fact that people still find ways to exploit flawed features is laughable lol

    also trophies have their own leaderboard and guilds are ranked by how many trophies the members collectively amount to... you can downplay it by saying "ah who cares about a leaderboard!!!11" but dont confuse your personal beliefs on a matter as the general sentiment... its a game that many people will invest thousands of hours into and a lot of people care about achieving stuff lol (which is why some go out their way to abuse exploits hehexd)

    perhaps nexon doesnt care like you insinuated but for a game thats just about to launch, they really should lol... i wanna play maplestory2 not botstory2

    btw this is coming from a former self proclaimed professional runescape botter so dw im on no moral high horse, i just understand the long term damage it does to games that many often overlook for temporary personal gain
  • EU Server Experiences

    EU is great and the beta was personally reminiscent of my amazing experience playing EMS back in 2009. Everybody I met was friendly, world chat was funny af at times, hardly any real flamming and I found a great guild with great people :)

    Server is what you make it, but the foundation of it is solid and I hope it don't change with the influx of non-beta people at release cause I really enjoyed it
  • Forum interface suggestion

    zrx wrote: »
    It is at least visible in the URL if you need a temporary solution, but it's certainly odd not to have a clear indicator like that.

    try doing that on phone buddy