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  • Founder's Pack "Re-run"?

    puzzling how you can judge a game before release when KMS2 already showed all its goodness
  • So once again... is casual botting acceptable?

    Those stupid braindead unfun trophies just encourage afk 'botting'.

    if you dont have the mental capacity to resist the urge to bot for a few trophies then the only thing brain dead is your moral compass
  • So once again... is casual botting acceptable?

    cause i've seen more of a crackdown on lewd UGC items than I have on actual botting. People have even gone as far as to create their own little botting dungeons within the comforts of their houses... where players can achieve travel trophies by physically wedging things in their direction keys or utilising whichever programs that are undetectable as of right now, while travelling in continuous loops. hmmm
    You'd think having a brainless hoard of priest bots pillaging normal dungeons would be enough, but the same player base who cry about Nexon not doing enough... turn around and add to the notion that botting is okay... Yet downplay it because its not as severe/impactful on the economy and deem that enough to constitute cheating both concepts share the same dangerous ideologies. hmmmm

    Is this dangerously low precedent acceptable in BotSt-... uhh MapleStory 2? Because if so... what program do you suggest I use, Nexon?
  • Fishing is there a point?

    Nikynoonoo wrote: »
    It would be a bit better if you could actually sell the fish or cook them.

    I never understood the "Hey you have 5392 Ricefish!"... well now what? what do I do with this information??? Even cooking the fish and using them as potions would be a better alternative with careful conversion rates set in place

    Fishing is pretty useless ATM aside from trophy hunting, far greater means of making income exist. Idk who the lead fishing designer at Nexon is, but they saw fishing was OP in CB1 and decided to go the polar opposite direction and essentially render it useless
  • Priest BOTs swarming in lvl 50 normal dungeons !!!

    Dont see the problem. If they are healing who cares if they are bots or not. Some for bot mages if they do dmg and are attacking the boss idc normal dungeons take 7 minutes its ez. Who cares if a bot helps you win it or not. And if you have a problem with this then just solo the normal dungeons they are very simple and down scaled when solo

    You should get banned for this post alone, very dangerous mindstate to house & you clearly havent read the ToS you were asked to read if youre inadvertently encouraging botters

    The fight against botters is not an easy one, so have a bit of understanding for Nexon's side. Just do your part, give a detailed report of every incident & every player you encounter that in your eyes is doing this and wait. People often oversimplify the difficulties handling such complex tasks entails. The game has just launched, Nexon is clearly very critical at the moment in terms of rule breaking and preventing it, give them the space & time to do their job