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Hello! My in-game name is Whirl, and I'm currently looking for MS2 friends and/or a community. Please feel free to message me, and I'll respond as soon as I can! (If you'd prefer to message me on Discord, please feel free to do so at Xander#2008.) If you'd like to see my longer introduction, please go here:


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  • Hey, hey (Composer)

    I'm sorry that that was the case for you, as well! The latter point is also a bit of a sad truth, too :/ Hopefully there's still a way to be involved in the line of work/activity of your dream job at some point!

    Haha, yes! I'm excited, though it'll be a few years before I can do it. However, it'll also fund my side careers as a composer and jazz trombonist (rather than being a delivery guy for Pizza Hut, which is what a decent amount of composers and jazz trombonists I know had to do--not saying that's a bad thing, but it's just not for me). I wouldn't have minded staying in school for psychology, but I have no idea how I would've funded the last half of it, haha.
  • Hey, hey (Composer)

    @Miyune Hello, and thank you!

    Haha, alas, I don't think I'll ever be quite as famous as Maestro Zimmer. My youngest sister says that I'll be famous, but only after I've kicked the bucket (since I don't know how to market my work xD ). However, composing is something that I do thoroughly enjoy doing both for my peers, for fun, and for competition (on the rare occasion that I can find one suited to my preferred instrumentation). But again, since I am not cut out for music business, I'm just training to be a music educator after having realized that a career as a jazz trombonist wouldn't be stable enough.
  • Hey, hey (Composer)

    Hello, and thank you (an all accounts)!

    I do plan on being invested in the game, but, unfortunately, I play on NA-East :/ However, I'd be open to playing on EU if I have some friends who do (and if my connection can handle it)!
  • Color Slider instead of Unlockable Colors?

    ****** Color slider as an unlockable feature ******

    1) Shybz's idea to have a color slider as an unlockable feature could be a good option, because...

    2) Honestly, I probably wouldn't go fishing in-game if it didn't offer the two blue gradient color rewards that it does (which I believe serves as a pretty cool "trophy" for those particular accomplishments). In essence, I think having color unlocks as part of the reward system provides decent motivation. (I understand that this is personal preference, and both the way and extent to which this is valued will vary from person to person, especially in comparison to having all colors available via color slider right off the bat.) However...

    3) If option 1 was to hold true (or even if the system stays as it is), the caveat could possibly be a change alluding to what Arviu mentioned: Some of the achievements (not all of them) are a bit far-fetched, to say the least. If the unlock requirements stay as they are, unlocking a color slider being a "legendary achievement" would be an understatement. Conclusion on this point: some of the unlock requirements could, perhaps, be toned down a bit (again, only if the system stays as it is, or if a color slider becomes an unlockable feature).

    ****** Color slider as the default ******

    This would be fine, as well. I would only ask that there be a "color save" or hex color input also attached, so that one can use the exact same color(s) on different items if he/she desires it so.

    ****** System stays the same ******

    1) Again, some of the achievement requirements can still remain the same in nature, but I believe that they can be lessened (e.g., still having to enter the pocket realm, but perhaps not 1,000 times).

    2) As others on here have suggested, there seems to be feelings discontentment about the amount of color options available. That said, if the current system stays the same, another thing that can be done to alleviate this (to some degree, since I doubt any solution can reasonably bring the amount of choices as a full color slider) is to add more color gradient options as a result of completing future achievements, and/or adding color unlocks to current achievements that do not have a reward attached.

    ****** Personal statement ******

    I personally don't have a preference as to which route it goes. These are just my small, conceptual thoughts on how the aforementioned systems could be further developed.