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December 6, 1990
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Freelance Artist and Dog Groomer, Lover of all things girly and pink. Message me regarding Commission prices. Messages regarding free work will be ignored.

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  • 2018 Artist Secret Santa [FINISHED - Art inside!]

    This is so cute!!

    Honestly I don't normally join SS, because I've been scarred from the past ones.
    But I'm willing to give this a shot and draw some adorable MapleStory 2 Art
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill

    I'm sure after three pages We on 4 pages nao bois, all I have to say about the priest dash has already been said, but it doesn't hurt to voice your opinion.
    And personally.... I hate it

    I've been clucked over by my priest dash more times than
    - Lag and latency
    - no enough experience with boss mechanics
    - and the general "right now I don't care enough to dodge"

    Now be it, if my play style was stand a mile away from the boss with the range and dash in to drop a sick HS for my heavy hitting melee.
    Which we all know Holy Symbol brings the DPS to the Yard I'd be fine with the priest dash.

    but I'm not. I like to get in there and tap dance on the bosses toes while throwing out my share of DPS
    while also keeping party members topped off and with bosses like C.Dev where it's better to be on the boss to dodge a lot of his mechanic

    Nothing is more satisfying than trying to dash out of a yellow square just to be, literally, player blocked, and die.

    Personally I think it would be nice to change the dash to a small aoe type heal that give a small heal to those that you pass through, because I have some times saved a poor soul from a tombstone because of that nice heal at the end, but I also understand that because there will be times you pass through multiple people it would be hard to determine who would get that one heal.
  • [WINNERS] Maple 2 Character Fan Art Contest

    - In-Character Bunneh
    - Server Name NA East
    - other sites: Twitter & Deviantart

  • [NA East] Ascendum | PVX | Semi-Hardcore | Discord

  • That's no Ordinary Rabbit... -Request Closed-

    Relend wrote: »

    Even being 'sloppy' it looks absolutely wonderful. What ended up getting you into art in the first place?

    I'm glad you like it! I have a huge crush for weapon designs :U

    Honestly when I was like five I was really protective over my coloring books and hated the idea of coloring them then being left with nothing to color anymore, so i ended up tracing the drawings then coloring them. One day I decided to try copying rather than drawing and it came out really good.

    One thing lead to another and after meeting other artist and learning different coloring styles and digital programs I just enjoy bring ideas and characters to life