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  • So KMS is getting new skills after awakening!

    I'm certain that at least half of the community is aware that we are getting awakening skills in the future for the Global servers... However, it seems as if Korea is getting even more future awakening skills in the near future! Some of you may know, some of you may not but i'm just putting this out there for anyone who didn't.

    A few Korean friends that play KMS2 have mentioned this to me but I didn't really pay attention to this. Soon after a Korean YouTuber confirmed that we will indeed be getting future skills that should balance classes even more so than it did for the first wave.

    I'm actually excited to so what the future holds for Thieves and Soul Binders, what are your thoughts on this!
  • Thief hate rant.

    Okaaay, just need to let this out ere before someone else does >=/

    Now I want to begin by saying we are all entitled to our own opinion, which is rightfully so. We all have our preferences and dislikes and we shouldn't be forced to do something that we shouldn't

    In this case i'm talking about class preference - we are all allowed to pick what class we want, but there are a few people out there discouraging to play Thief because they are "the weakest class"! Well of course that is all subjective, but in terms of DPS we are most definitely not the weakest, we got our flaws and there are classes better yes I agree with all of that, but we are by no means useless, if you wanna kick me for being a Thief then go right ahead!

    To top that off there are people out here telling people to not waste their time playing the Thief class because they "don't perform as well as the others"... I say screw that and play what ever the hell you want to play, If you don't enjoy something you don't gotta play it, and I'm definitely maining Thief because it is what I honestly enjoy!

    We get the point already, Thief is not everybody's cup of tea, but you don't have to play the class, if you like assassination based classes play it, if you prefer close range fast classes then go ahead and play it! I've played CMS2 enough to know that they still have their uses and can still perform well if you know how to play it Also with awakening on the horizon, we definitely hold our own!

    I'm not talking about only the forum by the way, it's all over Reddit and YouTube too.

    An example of what i mean is:
    "f your looking for a fun class to play, Thief is 100% of the best you can find in ms2. It is a class clearly built for pvp and only shines in that area. If you are however trying to play Thief as a main class and trying to even come close to being a useful member of your team, you better reroll immediately, as this class has way too many things to manage, all while having to watch out for boss mechanics. All of this work, and only thing you get paid with is that you barely even APPROACH the dps of other classes playing at the same level.

    Edit: It's even an extremely squishy melee class, and needs to level two weapons which are combined weaker than a two hander. There is literally no benefit to playing thief besides pvp and having fun with a fun class, which you will not really be having if you care about pve in at all."

    You see that? All subjective opinions! Not everyone will enjoy the thief class either, it all depends on the man/woman that is behind the keyboard or controller!

    I will for sure be making an alt Rune Blader on release but I will forever stay faithful to the thief life - PEACE!