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  • Maple Spin Outfits And Style Coins

    Zintack wrote: »
    Pikangie wrote: »
    Who knows, maybe someday they'll sell the grand prize outfit directly and more affordably if they see how popular it is to just buy the stuff directly and fairly from the Crate Spotlight.

    Wasnt sure if you meant style coin grand prize or rare items = grand prize but..

    I like this idea if they end up getting rid of style creates completely and just having an item cycle in the shop. Rare outfits would still be somewhat pricey (not insane though) imo. I know I would pay more if I could straight up buy rare outfits rather than taking chances. Bc that’s the only reason I’m buying style crates is for the rare ones. ;_;

    If they don’t get rid of style crates and did that, I think it kills the point of even having them bc probably no one would open/buy crates. Being able to buy all the rare outfits at a much more expensive cost, like said above- I’d buy rare outfits directly if there was an option between the two (even if it’s more expensive) and I’m sure others would as well. I also feel like anyone who’s opened style crates before for trying for rare items might be bummed after spending and then they made direct purchase an option.

    Yes yes! Like I had first said, I would much rather drop 10 or 15 dollars on just the package then to spend more than that with chances on the crates! I just want something to do with these slime parts tbh. I just wish there would be an update where we could do something with them. They won't be available after November 8th right? I think being able to itlease sell or trade them with any new players that join after the update should be an option! Since people who join newly after it starts might want the outfit pieces that they missed out on. Just. Something!
  • Nexon needs to be aggressive in updates.

    Aynix wrote: »
    And then, after 2 months, everyone will cry how we dont get any new content and game is boring. Great idea, indeed.

    People are already starting to complain that it's boring, so I feel you. The halloween event is a nice change for people who are all done, but it's quick and easy to finish and get all the rewards.
  • Suggestion: Implement Music into Houses

    I love it. I think it would make a great addition. People coming to pet your pumpky and theres despacito playing in the background uwu ~
  • Punishment for Quiting Dungeons

    Sometimes I get booted because I get disconnected from a dungeon. Or sometimes, my house has two switches next to each other. A "light" switch and a "power" switch. And sometimes my toddler will flip the power switch in our gameroom off and it'll turn our wifi off and im lik :'> okie then. But yeah id like to see some kind of time out for those who purposefully leave. We had someone actually leave our dungeon yesterday and it took us a lot longer than we would have liked to clear it. But then again, I'm not gonna say it was a connection issue because that seems to be the biggest thing that people are still upset about.
  • Please listen to your playerbase

    I understand that they want to make things challenging still, even for higher level players... but meh. What is the purpose of having good gear if it means nothing in the end? I'm always super excited to help my friends who join get their level faster but geez. :c

    I'm also not a super huge fan of the weekly limits on dungeons. If anything, I think they should be hourly. We have how many dungeons and can only do 10 a day? It also defeats the points of having outfit fragments drop from the dungeons. Im getting 1 fragment (+1 more because theres an event bonus right now) but without the event bonus that means I'd have to spend 2/3 of my dungeon allowance (30 attempts a week, and you need 20 fragments, so thats 20 times) getting those fragments.

    And it doesn't matter what level you are. Who cares if you're doing dungeons based on money or gear? Im 41 and did the level 16 dungeon all day yesterday for the hat fragments. That's the good part about maplestory2 is everyone can level and do things differently and a their own pace.