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  • Channels Reduced Again Across All Regions

    Don't worry as the knights here say, the game is far from dead! I keep checking to make sure their all still here cause they asked me to message them in a year when I said this game would be under 1k so I will.
  • So... Nexon is being sold, any thoughts?

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    Do you think it will be good/bad for the games? Who would you like to take over Nexon?

    Again with this fake rumor? Nexon isn't going anywhere soon...

    Nexon isn't going anywhere but the founder is cashing out several billion. 98% stake.... I though it was going to be 30% of something.
    "Nexon founder Kim Jung-ju would sell a total of 98.64 percent stake in NXC Corp held by himself and related parties including his wife, according to the media report."

    That's all the news, but look at the actual numbers. He owns 90%+ of the stake which is 'HOLY SH^^^^ '. Basically nothing will happen until there's a formal announcement. But just listen to yourself, 90% of a stake and 8 billion +, why the hell not? It's certainly not worth that realistically.

    In other words, title of this thread is click bait. It's not being sold, but it certainly can the next year.

    If you keep on reading more articles you'll see that he's extremely interested in selling it actually, it's not clickbait they ARE selling just not yet. So they are going somewhere. That doesn't mean the game or servers come down though they'll just be owned by another company. Honestly
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    tencent, Activision Blizzard Inc. , Electronic Arts Inc.

    Those companies are the biggest P2W companies EVER. WoW has been going massive on micro's and EA is the worst company in terms of micro's that it's insane you'd even bring that name up lmao. The only one that would be maybe okay is Tencent because a lot of their games are cosmetic micro's only although they have plenty of games with actual P2W as well they at least are capable of releasing a game with only cosmetic purchases. Also btw I love Activision Blizzard hands down my favorite company but as of recently they've been getting a lot of backlash and probably not worth the investment into Nexon because they don't even have any games here that are relatively decent. I doubt any AAA company is going to invest or even look at buying Nexon.
  • I predict this game can't last past 2019

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    Big sry but i seen some truly bad games survive 5 years +

    ur prediction will fail just based on the track record of these awful games.

    Steam shows player count halving on average every month for the last 3 months. We're down to 2k peak in just 3 months.

    One of the games i have in mind literally has less than 200 players active in the western version and still gets consistent updates. I quit a year and a half ago and am just now falling out of top 100 in xp there. I could actually get back on it in 2 months if i wanted to.

    But yeah It actually takes a lot to kill a mmo server. Much as i want to celebrate when that game closes due to truly awful management and blatant p2w, a few whales can easily keep a server profitable enough to keep open.

    That's pretty much a dead game.

    it is, and it deserves to be dead. It was never a smash hit and that was okay.

    But once they embraced p2w it truly went downhill to its current sorry state.

    If ms2 starts adding p2w then ill agree with posts like these.

    Players asked for them to remove p2w and that all of a sudden gave the botting community greater leverage than before. So now you just bot meso and roll perfect stats and there's your p2w. You will NEVER stop botting, simple as that. Prove me wrong. They could have just offered 15$ gears with minor stats that would blow the bots out of the water as bots can never replicate blue merits, unless the websites are literally set up to scam people for USD. But that's no issue. I don't know of any smart bot owner who would reinvest his money to spend on blue merits (that's not the case anyway as there is no blue merit option for stats), instead pull out all of the profits and invest it in real life. Again, my good friend made half a million dollars botting for 6 years on a game and down paid a house, got a car, married and had kids, opened up a legit LLC. He wasn't even the top of the botters. He was some random guy who worked for himself and was hardly the top 10% of people profiting.

    ok well as a confirmed botter myself and self-admitted I can re-assure you that your friend DID NOT do any of those things from botting in ANY game :). The only reason I keep saying the game is going to die is because I personally have told/reported to Nexon about a meso exploit (which still isnt fixed) and how they've been injecting the more recent hacks. Because now Nexon checks your programs running in the background (which has also lead to a lot of false bans) which killed the population even more. But they never respond to me and they never address the issues. When management of the game is doing absolutely nothing to fix the biggest issues in the game especially exploits I consider it dead.