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  • Situation of maplestory 2

    Slimeface wrote: »
    This game is a joke. It's built around Pay to Win, but the Pay part has not yet been implemented. My guess is Nexon is hoping to to up the player base before slamming us all with cube fees and other garbage.

    What mad made maplestory 1 the greatest.

    -Free Market...one of the first and best open world economies ever created in a game. Players would play just to be merchants.

    -Finding unique equipment from monster drops. This game gives you nothing of value from monster drops.

    -Community. This game doesn't even have a 'friend chat' function, what a joke.

    -Progression. Every player could progress through levels and gain equipment without begging to free ride in parties. MS2 is a joke, you literally have to pay parties to let you leach before you can get the equips to actually play in those dungeons.

    pay to win? in what way. u cant buy anything that gives u power with real money. nexon learned that from maplestory 1. that people on Eu/Na hates it.

    - Community is great you just need to find a nice set of people.
    - Leveling is gonna be far more challenging later. look at Kms 2 dont think anyone reached 99 yet and they are soon getting a new level cap.
    - Killing monsters give alot of value. Meso and Equipment used to progress.
    - Maplestory 1 had the worst Community of all time. and the worst possibly RNG + Pay to win systems.
    - Maple 2 progression is fine. you dont like to do dungeons? dont. and dont complain that people actually takes meso to boost you. this isn't a problem this is just your problem. and its easy enough to get the gear u need.

    so ye dont talk about it when u clearly have no clue .
  • steamcharts for Maplestory 2

    steam is not the only platform ffs.. start to realize that majority of people dont use steam they use nexon launcher.. theres more then what it says. in Eu servers alone we are prob 10k + players daily without count hackers.
  • The real reason why people are burning out so fast

    people burn out of all games quickly LOL. its not just maple and the reason is cause they play it to much. u dont burn out if u dont play 10 hours everyday
  • Put down your biggest complaint in one sentence

    Lol my comment was changed. cause i am not allowed to say the exact same as other people.. typical nexon

    once again Whiny and annoying players. is one thing i would change
  • Trade in +15 weapon for a legendary weapon

    Nope and nope. that would invalidate raids. completly. it shouldnt be tradeable in any fashion. not 15+ for 1+ or even 0+. Nothing.