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  • UGC Suggestions

    After creating UGC for a while here are a few suggestions I had that I think would help a lot.

    UGC Preview:
    • Allow us to preview multiple pieces of UGC at once (eg. pants, top and hat)
    • Add a green-screen background option
    • Allow full rotation of the character
    • Add an option for 10 merets that creates a temporary (5 minute) version of the UGC item to preview in game, so we can test the real thing before creating the final version.

    More UGC options
    • Add some modified versions of current UGC with different neck and sleeve options, for example, asymmetrical coat with skin-tight sleeves.
    • New UGC eg. bear suit body, Samarai style pants/shirt, suit with shorts etc. Any new UGC would be good!
    • Allow us to edit the bump maps so we can improve the quality of our UGC
    • Allow gifting of created UGC

  • "Monetization" by Producer LAMBCOOK

    meh, maybe we need to accept that we can't always have everything we want.

    If something is hard to get it is more special which inheritantly means that some people would miss out.

    If you want to buy a style crate you have to accept that you are getting a random item and it might not be your favourite item that is available, but you will get *something*.

    And at least these aren't those crappy rigged gacha that have a super low chance to get the cool stuff and you end up with 20 crappy items. From what they have said it will be curated, theoretically everything will have some appeal. And no matter which item you get it was a 1% drop making it "special".

    *shrug* it could be worse, and they do have to make money somewhere.... maybe we should wait until it is released before we start assuming it is terrible

    Overall: an unpopular opinion but, I actually like random items sometimes. There is something fun about being forced to work with what you have instead of going straight to your "perfect" set. My first reaction to the loot box/style crates was negative, but after learning more about how it won't be rigged etc. I actually might end up enjoying them, so I am gonna wait and see how they turn out before I decide.
  • Pay to win sometimes might be ok

    SoulXCloud wrote: »
    If you do not have a lot of time to play then this essentially boils down to you playing casually. I do not want them to adhere to casuals because that will lead us who love grinding and often find ourselves doing that the most even if we only have a little time to play to basically hit that cap faster and be as strong as can be for little effort. You should have to grind out for hours when you hit max level for gear, weeks, months because otherwise when I have perfect gear after 3 weeks I will just be staring at my nicely decorated wall. I want to grind, I want challenge, I don't want to clear everything combat wise the game has to offer within 3 weeks because the game is appealing to those who cannot play long. You will get there eventually if you do dedicate yourself to the grind even with little time to play. But if you don't enjoy it, you shouldn't be focusing on that aspect of the game at all, because it is 100% meant to be a long brutal grind. That doesn't just apply to Maplestory 2, that is any mmorpg.

    I agree with what you are saying but I don't think grindy needs to exclude casuals. For example I am pretty casual (I can only play a few hours each week), but I enjoy grindy games too. I think the grindy part of the game is fine if I can complete it over a year or more, I can just do it slowly over time. Sure someone else can complete it in two or three months by playing a lot, but I will get there eventually.

    My main problem is when there is something grindy /and/ time limited. Like the royale pass, which has been a relatively bad experience for me just because I want to get to 60, but I cannot play as much as is required. Then I felt forced to do the optimal experience gaining method (pacivism) which made me enjoy mkr even less than at first when I could just play normally.

    I think things should be grindy OR time sensitive, not both.

    But then maybe I just need to get used to the idea I can't have everything lol :p. I just hate that feeling when I know I won't be able to get something anymore. I can handle it if it will take me a long time and I might never get there, but I hate missing out on items because I can't play enough :shrug:
  • Pay to win sometimes might be ok

    I think pay to win is bad when it is stuff like resurrection for merets or costume stat bonuses from the cash shop (which they have listened to the community and removed, thankyou MS2 Team!! <3 ).

    The problem is that now days people's definition of pay2win has stretched thin, and people consider paying for anything at all to be "pay to win". Trading mesos for merets is a pretty fair system too, since it is a two way street that gives people who cannot afford to spend anything on the game to have a way to get merets and buy cash shop items. This way mesos can for example, buy merets, to buy VIP.

    VIP is good as it is, it currently has enough benefits to encourage purchase without being overpowered. (This is basically of soft subscription, semi-required, but possible to play without)

    I think people should support the game if they enjoy it, and can afford to, and support means spending money. If MS2 gives us fun things to spend money on, like cool costumes, hairstyles, and quality-of-life items, then that is a win for us as consumers, since we can support them and help keep the game alive, while in return receiving cool stuff. :)
  • Server change voucher

    I would like them to allow characters to be played cross server. This is a feature in most modern mmos and would solve issues for the lower pop servers since they could play their characters on other servers during off-peak times if they are ok with the lag. (Note- for cross server names just do it like in wow where your name has a postfix when your on a dif server, eg Name-Server)

    Seriously hoping they consider this if it isn't too difficult.