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  • "Style Crate" by Jungsoo Lee

    Kargo wrote: »
    Even when Nexon is adding something that doesn't hurt anyone, people will still complain.
    Too expensive? Dont buy it.
    Dont like RNG based cosmetics? Dont buy it.

    Yeah, it is pretty amusing. When I read the article I thought 'Wow, Nexon is amazing, they are really trying to do the best by the community'. I should have expected people would still complain though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • "Style Crate" by Jungsoo Lee

    Thank you Nexon for all your efforts, I hope you recognise that just because people are still complaining that it doesn't reflect everyone in the community. '
    I am glad we don't have all the annoying pay to win items that are in other versions of MS2.

    Personally I think $125 for one of the most expensive items is fine. It's kind of like owning a prestige car vs a standard vehicle. Some people are rich and can afford it, and that's fair enough for them. I don't know why people think that just because there is an item on the store that they have to buy it..... Some people like that stuff and will buy it at whatever price it costs, and if they are willing or able to spend that much, I think they deserve it. It's a cosmetic item. It doesn't affect your game play, or quality of life. If you can't afford it, then don't get it. They need to cater to more than just the players who want to spend <$10 a month. Some people WANT to buy items that are more expensive, and to know that they are one of a few people with that item, they are valid customers too.

    I personally spent most of my founders currency on one of the new random hairstyles, and honestly if they made it easier to get I would be kind of pissed. I love that hairstyle, but I also love the fact it is not common despite being one of the best looking hairstyles in the game (in my opinion of course). Yes, people who aren't willing to spend that many merets on a cosmetic item will be pissed and want it, but part of its value comes from the fact that they can't get it unless they spend more (or are lucky unlike me lol).

    Some people need to consider, would you rather have items you can't afford, or have items you HAVE to spend money on to enjoy the game because they affect your character's damage/ability?
  • Mirta's Creations (Novice Quality)

    lots of cute stuff, i like the animal hats especially <3. I look forward to seeing more
  • Just want to show off!

    nice work :D
  • Missing Hairstyle! When will it be added?

    I think it might be coming October 1st maintenance according to the patch notes (maybe the salon changes available hairstyles every month or so). At least that is assuming Romantic Short Cut is the one you mentioned, it sounds similar though.
    Paulie's Random Hair list has following changes.
    Long Velvet Hair is removed.
    Cute Wave Hair is removed.
    Uneven Long Ponytail is added.
    Romantic Short Cut is added.

    source: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/36684/head-start-patch-notes