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  • Is the maple coins fishing event working?

    Alfani wrote: »
    Just wanted to drop this here.
    •Play Mapleopoly! (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    •Maple Spin Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    •Maple Fanatic Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    •Fishing Maple Coins (Oct.16 - Nov.7
    •Star Pop Party (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    •Fortune Cookie Fun (Oct. 12 - Nov. 4)
    •Daily Rewards Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    •Rotating Bonus Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
    If these dates are correct then we wont get the finishing event until neeeext Monday. ;3;

    Even though this is apparently the event times. Wouldn't be the first time they mixed up times, and gave us incorrect information.
    Event Duration: Monday, Oct. 15th (UTC) - Wednesday, Nov. 7th (UTC)

    Thanks for that, so it might start today instead. I hope they give some fishing vouchers of compensation for those of us who wasted our time.
  • Is the maple coins fishing event working?

    I don't think that guy really got 15 coins considering no one else has yet, he probably just claimed his mail coins without realising it.

    I wish those people claiming the date/time is wrong would quote a source :\
  • Is the maple coins fishing event working?

    Been fishing for over two hours in Henesys with no luck yet, noone else in the zone has got anything yet either.

    Has anyone got maple coins from fishing yet?
  • Style Crates made fair for both the Community and-

    The only thing they really need is for all the style crate items to be purchasable from the style coin shop at a reasonable price (3 coins for normal, 9 coins for rare would be fair as far as I am concerned).

    The real reason for the style box is to get the witch outfit etc. imho, it would be nice if they were added to the style box, but I understand why they don't. Maybe for convenience they could add the witch outfit etc. to the normal store for a slightly cheaper price (eg. $99 for full set). Although at this point, that would probably make people who already got the witch outfit angry, so probably something to consider for the next sets.

    One more bit of feedback, the sets aren't similar enough. They have a mix of cute-fairy like items, and rough gangster-style items. This means when u open 10 crates you get a mix of random stuff which looks terrible together. The sets need to be properly curated. All 100 items need to match a set, or they should split the box into two 50 box sets, one with stuff like the boxing gloves and win hat, the other with stuff like the frog outfit and fair wings. These items really shouldn't be in the same box. People should be able to target a style (ie. cute, tough, cool etc.). Make the boxes smaller, and release more boxes a season. This would help a LOT with their appeal.
    Or let me pick one of the curated sets and get an increased chance of rolling that set, though I would prefer smaller, better themed boxes.
  • Limited Availability Emotes Should be Account Wide

    Agree with this 100%, or if not account wide, why not make the founders items purchasable from an NPC for people with founders accounts, so we can pay meso or some kind of currency to buy them on alts.