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    Please remove his name, it's not okay to post names.

    friend of your ? or is that You ?
    why won't you want his name ?
    so people get a head up
    i got screen shots too ,
    i know his name , which guild he is in
    how his home look like

    No, you need to remove the name because it is against the rules. I am sympathetic to what happened to you, but you should make a ticket on the support page. If you don't remove his name this thread will be deleted when the mods see it.

    Here is a link to the support page fyi:

    wow I am amazed by the community reaction of "it's your own fault for trying to buy a run"... um is this the way we treat new players who are not confident and trying to figure out the game? yeah FD is easy, and it is probably better for a new player to join a guild and get assistance that way but really... some people reacting with "haha you got scammed serves you right?"
    ugh wow and I thought MS2 would have a good community, not a toxic one that preys on new players. Really disappointed in a lot of the replies from this thread....

    I am assuming he bought a run with in game currency, ie mesos right? Why would that be against TOS?

    And for you who don't understand why someone who would do that, it's a problem of confidence. Entering a new tier of dungeons can be intimidating to some people, they are worried they will mess up, and they don't want to burden people.... to this kind of person, paying someone to have a "safe" experience where it doesn't matter if they suck or are learning the content is preferable to joining a random group. I don't see how this is a bad attitude? Not wanting to be a burden to others in a random group and wanting to pay for the burden they cause someone.
  • The truth has dawned onto me....

    Oh god, what a long, ranty and painful to read thread. In the future, please please please, think clearly about what you want to say, then say it succinctly, instead of forcing us through such a painful read to try and figure out your point. I can tell you are very passionate about this issue, and that is fair enough (good even), but you have to consider your audience if you want to make a point.

    Ok so let's go through this.

    Argument 1: We only get 1 coin per 5 style crates we bought. You did math and it sounded expensive, unfortunately it doesn't take into account one fact. Those coins are BONUS coins. We still got the items from the style crates. These are extra coins for free, as compensation because we purchased crates before they changed the system. What we got before the change was still worth the value, the main problem was with people who wanted the rng items and couldn't get them. We have extra coins which we can use to buy the rng items we couldn't get before. I was actually recommending to friends that they buy style crates before the patch because it is such a good deal. Bonus coins on top of my cosmetics? yes please.

    Argument 2: You work hard so therefore you deserve to be more powerful or skip the grind. Look this one is hard to argue, you will probably never agree with me, but I will try. By earning stuff in game you get a feeling off achievement, it makes you happy and helps you to enjoy the game. As humans we love to skip hard work and jump straight into the feeling of gratification. That is why companies make so much money with easy weight loss pills, or exercise machines that will make you fit in "just 3 minutes a day" even though they don't work. If pay to win is added, a lot of people will spend a lot to feel powerful/successful, but then quit the game because it is fake success, you haven't really earned anything at all. To make this game long term successful, people need to be given a sense of accomplishment that comes from actually earning their achievements, not a way to skip it.

    Argument 3: The people who don't want pay to win aren't spending money on the game, and therefore Nexon should ignore them. Firstly.... do you like dead games? Because without free to play players this game will be dead. Secondly, not everyone who hates pay to win spends nothing on the game. I have spent a lot and I hate pay to win because it makes it harder to play with my free to play friends, and because honestly it takes a lot of the fun out of the game when you can pay for instant gratification and feeling "powerful" instead of earning it. I would much more prefer to spend my money on cosmetics or convenience, then pay to to make the game easier and thus rob myself of enjoyment.

    Argument 4: They are ripping us off because they removed stats from cosmetics and made the cosmetics higher priced than other regions. IDK what to say about cosmetic stats, it really comes down to the same point as argument 2, so if you don't agree there (which I am sure you don't), then you won't agree here. As for the price being higher than other regions.... well I don't know. Honestly, I would like if they reduced the price of cosmetics a bit, but the game is still early on and it is possible they are still trying to figure out the correct pricing after removing pay 2 win items... I am neutral on this point, except the bit about being ripped off because no stats.

    At the end of the day it sounds like you want to be able to pay to be more powerful than other players. But it isn't really black and white, what about people with lots of time AND lots of money, I guess they will be more powerful than you in this case, will you force Nexon to put a restriction on their game time if they spend a certain amount or vice versa so you can feel "fairly treated".

    This is a game. We are here to play a game. Real life shouldn't come into it.
    Someone who works 40+ hours a week and can afford to pay to win; someone who works 40+ hours a week has a large family and can't afford pay to win; someone who doesn't work and can/can't afford pay to win...
    these people should all be treated the same, because real life shouldn't come into it. If you want to be successful in the game you should have to actually play the game. Can you imagine if games like fortnite let you pay to have auto-aim because you work a lot and don't have as much time as a NEET to get good at the game? ^o)
  • Premium Club, Dungeon Limits, Pay2Win VS Free2Win

    I think, in general I 100% disagree with what you are saying, when it comes to pay2win at least. But I think the issues you have could be discussed without the paying element.

    I will start with why I think pay to win is a terrible idea.

    1. PR. Public relations matters. People play or don't play a game based on perception, not how good the game is. Right now MS2 has a LOOOOT of positive PR because of their openness/communication with the community and most importantly their removal of pay 2 win elements. Adding any pay to win will destroy that. It actually could kill the game, and it definitely would at least kill the positive community perception that exists at the moment.

    2. Free to play players matter just as much, if not more than whales. Free to play players are the ones who make the community feel vibrant and alive, with only whales the population would be 1/10th of what it is. The game is fun because there are a lot of players, and adding elements that favour a very small portion of the player base is not good for the game.

    As an example, of my 6 friends that play the game, only one other paid for a founders, one I bought founders so he could play cbt2 with me, and the rest only started playing Oct 10 and refuse to spend a cent on the game. When I was trying to convince them to play their main question was "is it pay to win?". It was great being able to say "no! it's just pay for convenience" and really helped me convince them to give the game a go. My enjoyment of the game is dependant on my free to play friends, and I think I spend more than enough on the game to cover their game play.

    Also say your suggestions are taken seriously, and they increase the dungeon cap for premium players, well anyone with free to play friends would find themselves unable to play with their friends because of dungeon cap. This happened a lot in tree of saviour, their premium system made it hard for me to play with my free to play friends, the xp bonus meant my friends were always behind in level, the dungeon cap limit meant my friends couldn't run more than 2 dungeons with me. I am fine with pay for convenience and cosmetics because it allows me to play with my friends on an even playing field.

    Now for the other half of your argument, honestly it sounds like you have problems with the game that have nothing to do with paying money. You want the dungeon cap change to facilitate players who can't play every day and can only play on weekends. This is a fair point that I think has been brought up a lot. Maybe they could consider changing the cap to be 50 a week instead of 10 a day/30 a week. In the end we have to wait to see.

    You also are complaining about the grindy portions of the game and want to pay to skip it, but that's what makes this game fun. They aren't necessary to be competitive, and as a casual player you can still do all the content without min-max'ing. It sounds to me you want to pay to skip core gameplay, but that core gameplay is what keeps you playing the game. If we can just pay to win the game, we might pay a lot initially (lots of money for Nexon yay), then quit the game because we have "done everything" and received our dose of instant gratification (game dies, no more money for Nexon). It is better for Nexon if players keep playing for a long time, spending money here and there along the way. Yes maybe they could get a whale to spend $2-300 in the first month skipping content or be "OP", but then the whale would have no sense of accomplishment and ironically be the first to quit. Then the game would make less money the next month because the only people playing the game are free to play players who were doing things more slowly and had a greater sense of accomplishment for their achievements.

    I personally love spending money on games, I love supporting MS2 because it is a great game, and I am happy to spend a crazy amount on costumes. But I think if they start going pay to win it will destroy the game. I also like achieving things in the game, and find that the games that let me "pay to win" usually get a lot of money out of me initially, but I never end up playing for very long because I lose the sense of fun and accomplishment that comes from earning rewards.

    I am so happy with this game and the direction it is going, and I hope that Nexon is making enough money off cosmetics/convenience that it can keep the pay 2 win out of the game.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    That sucks, yeah I don't want to recommend skipping the story just to get 60 more quickly, but that is an option. If you skip the story text and just hammer through it, it only takes 4-5 hours to get 50. Auto-performance vouchers from the maplopoly at the higher levels (45+) might help you get those last few levels without playing the game too.

    I unfortunately think the 60 cap is to prevent abuse by players or gold sellers creating multiple accounts and claiming the reward....

    Maybe they should have done something like "for accounts created before x date" instead of level 60 accounts, to make it more fair.