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  • MS2 Appreciation Thread

    With all of the negativity going around lately, I thought it might be nice to talk about the things we love about the game. I think complaining is important to help guide the devs and try to improve the game, but pointing out the parts we enjoy or find fun is important too.

    Please don’t argue or put someone down if they like something you hate. We all have our own ways to enjoy the game. :)


    For me my favourite elements are mostly the social ones.

    I have fond memories of Mushking Royale now, because even though there was a lot of controversy, it was so much fun sitting around and chatting with others, doing the achievements and getting to know the community. Toward the end of MKR it was really fun trying to kill the best/famous players on the server lol (and dying mostly).

    I also love the music, hanging out in Queenstown and chatting or chilling with the guild.

    I really enjoyed dungeons at first when I was getting upgrades and making progress, before they turned into a grind for upgrade materials.

    My favourite part is the customisation and UGC, it is so fun making your own outfits, and I also love the outfits on the cash shop (This month is painful $$ I want it alllll lol)
    I personally am a huge rpg nerd, so it is fun trying to give my characters... uhh character, lol.

    I would enjoy fishing more if I felt like I knew why I was doing it, it is a pretty fun thing to do while chilling out, but I don’t really feel like there us much point to it.

    Oh and trophy hunting is pretty fun, especially running low level dungeons to complete achieves.
  • Why I'm CLOSE to quitting.

    I don’t know why so many people want to turn a blind eye to the problems in MS2. I complain not because I hate the game but because I love it. It is so frustrating that the game has so much potential but instead of using it, forces us into doing tedious content and hopes that by locking progression behind daily caps and unrewarding rng that we will continue to play for a long time.

    I would rather complain and try to help the devs improve the game than pretend everything is perfect while all my friends are quitting around me.
  • Why I'm CLOSE to quitting.

    People aee complaining because they want to love the game but are not enjoying it, so they are trying to figure out why. They aren’t doing anything wrong by complaining or by saying they hate the rng.

    I do agree that I think they are misguided, they only hate the rng because the grind is so boring, if they were enjoying it they wouldn’t complain. I also agree that making the game easier won’t fix their issues since they only think they will be happier when they have maxed out gear, but they won’t be, because again, the content they are doing is boring.

    The game is designed to encourage people to run a large number of dungeons, which isn’t inheritantly bad, but those dungeons are unrewarding due to the only drops really being materials to upgrade their gear. Therefore people get bored.

    Nexon really needs to improve the dungeon loot system to improve the experience to make dungeons feel more rewarding.
  • The real reason people are burning out(is not RNG)

    I just want to make it clear since I am worried I didn’t explain things properly.

    I do not want the game to be easier (or harder) because I do not think difficulty or rng is the problem with the game!

    I do want them to reduce the amount of tasks that are required to do each day before we are free to do what we want, like getting to the dungeon cap for example.

    I do want them to make dungeons and other daily tasks like life skills more rewarding and fun.
  • Will names ever be re-released?

    Zintack wrote: »
    I have my short (3 letter) name (idk about "rare" though) on all servers. I probably don't plan to max them out (got a few levels on them and one at 40) but I really only use them to sell ugc on that server while still having it under my mains name from my main server.

    Yeah I guess that is a fair reason for it. Maybe one day they will add in cross server, so you don't need to have a character on every server.

    Also I understand the people who have characters to reserve names on US East and US West, but it's more like the people who have it on every single server, even though they never plan to use that character. But honestly, if they care enough to log on it once in a while to prevent it from being deleted with everyone else's unplayed characters, I guess they deserve it anyway. /shrug