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  • [NEWS] Closed Beta 2 Invites - First Round

    Been signed up since early cb1, Did all the out of game events I was aware of.

    Didn't make it in to the first round of cb2. Feel kinda sad. Q//^//Q
  • [Edit] I mean a hunter polearm class.

    I think one of my favourite weapons would have to be polearms, particularly ones which you can swing.. or both swing and thrust with. I am a bit less of a fan of spears but perhaps I just like a bit of weight behind the blade.

    I never really got to play Aran on Maplestory either, I remember it was a limited time character and my brother ended up making one instead.. resulting in a rather unfair moment where he had a level 90+ Aran.. and I was stuck with a level 40-ish Evan with stats so bad I couldn't even use him.. which was why he never leveled up very high.

    But yeah.. anyway, I think some sort of polearm character.. perhaps a "hunter" or some other sort of thing would be nice to see, a nice variety of close to mid-ranged attacks and perhaps even a beast companion to help out.

    For those who misunderstood my original first post, and the title concerning it.. I tend to ramble on. Scroll down a bit for a sort of reply rant to people who thought I actually wanted an Aran-like Warrior class because I mistakenly put it in the title and mentioned it in my post. No.. go down, and I actually describe what I meant. Sorry about the rant, I've had a rough time irl.
  • So.. what happens next?

    Because the Forums seem to be in a bit of an Uproar now that the CBT has ended.

    Another question: I can kinda Understand why the previous CBT players would automatically qualify for another CBT.. considering there may still be a stress test. But they understand that said players would be burnt out after the first test and likely wouldn't want to play again until official release. I understand they might still want to work out a few kinks in controller support, test further gameplay without the Cash Shop.. and maybe give more players an opportunity to see if they'll enjoy the game.

    After all, as far as I know.. All features in the CBT are free so that they can be tested unrestricted. Some players might want to do something that is unavailable in KMS2, but might not get the opportunity in the official release when pricetags litter everything.

    If there is another CBT, everyone who is allowed in.. I'd say it'd be nice to not only look for what can be improved upon a game that's already been out for years.. but what can be added to it, before the point where you'll have to really work to give such feedback.
  • I keep checking the Forum..

    To see if they ended up doing another thing to let people into the CBT. No.. no they don't. It's just events for people who did make it in.
  • [WINNERS] House Builders Contest

    Question: Can people who never made it into the CBT go into sort of a "world editor" in order to create buildings or structures to join in on the event as well as plan for the future by possibly creating their.. let's say dream houses they would like to live in for the official release?

    And if they can't.. I'd probably suggest it'd be a nice idea to create a "creative mode" housing system app of sorts that people could use separate of the main game for such use. It's even useful after the main game releases since it's creative mode, meaning people don't have to go out and say.. kill pink bean with a level 200 character in order to get that rare piece of flooring or furniture that they really wanted to try out. As for what it could be used for.. maybe people could copy their designs into the actual game if they have all the blocks.

    But for here and now.. it'd be so everyone can have fun as well as join in on this event.