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  • [Feedback] UGC Design System

    Hi there, I do this kind of stuff professionally for games like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 (Nexon actually sponsored an old item set of mine back when they distributed Dota in Korea) and I think you guys have a really nice system going on here. Your interface is simple and easy to work with but I have a few suggestions for improved item quality and streamlining the item making process.

    first of all I think that these little texture guides are a great way of helping people unfamiliar with 3D game assets understand how texturing works.
    However given how small the resolution is for these items there is a HUGE waste of usable texture space
    I feel like this is done intentionally to reduce UV island crowding and make the texture templates easier to understand but I feel like the reduction in texture res is a bit of let down.

    My other main complaint is the warning I get when a texture with the same name already exists
    I keep my work files separate from the import folder and I'm constantly re-importing and re-saving my work as I go along, and having to delete my old import every time is incredibly tedious. I think having the importer always overwrite the last file even if it shares the same name would really streamline the creation process.

    One suggestion that I really think would benefit experienced asset creators would be to support Targa files as most game assets use them because of their alpha channel support.
    So this is going to sound a bit more technical but it's a super simple solution to something that I think a lot of people could take advantage of.
    Use the alpha channel as a mask to colour shift a part of a texture to the player characters current skin tone. This is the exact same way TF2 paints their items.

    We've already seen from the examples Miguelx posted above that players are going to paint items with skin detail, whether they are muscle details, tattoos, cleavage, etc.
    So colour matching skin isn't too hard because the game supplies us with a very useful palette of skin tones
    However the downside to this is if you want your item to cover a wider range of skin tones you need to make a separate submission for every other skin tone and anyone could tell that is NOT efficient at all.
    what if the uploader runs out of Merets to upload different versions of their item
    what if a player buys an item with the WRONG skin tone by mistake?
    This is going to result in frustrated creators, frustrated players and mispurchased items. All of which will result in customer support chats and helpdesk tickets asking for refunds and reimbursements.

    The viewer only gives us three tones to preview as well. having a dropdown of all the available skin tones would be helpful for skin matching.

    here's a solution to this mismatched skintone problem using Team Fortress 2's simple color-shifting method
    paint all parts of the texture that represent the characters skin white (any details like muscles, collar bones, belly buttons, etc would need to be painted with grey/black in monochrome for the colour shift to work)
    next use the aplha channel to create a mask of the same area
    Then simply colour shift that alpha mask to the players current skin tone using the playermodel shader.

    this would easily solve this problem.

    Other useful things nexon could supply are the texture UV maps and .obj files of the item geometry.
    A greate example is Valve Software's workshop resource tools for Dota 2
    you can see how they provide community members with these resources here

    Finally, I know it's a bit of a pipe dream at this point, but having support for custom geometry would be a huge draw for professional artists to play with as a hobby. It would also make a lot of players really happy. Second Life, IMVU and VR Chat all support large communities centered around custom assets with support for custom models.
    This would create a new slew of problems like polygon counts and LOD models, but it's still something i wanted to mention because I know I would love to try it out.

    In conclusion. I think valuing tools that create the highest quality items possible is what's going to make the design shop sustainable both for Nexon and players. Sloppy meme based items will always make a quick buck but without high quality tools the design shop will eventually be overrun with low effort, low quality items that dedicated players will completely ignore.

    If you guys have any questions, or would like any more professional consultation around the workshop system, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on twitter @hawtkoffee
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