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  • Insane Person's inaccurate PvP class stereotypes

    Wow this is a great post.

    You have great humor and really good understanding of the classes.

    thief master race! also buff assassin uwu
  • No players in PvP Arena 1v1? ?

    I am playing in europe and the knights name was something with test470, but I cant remember it very good. Is this game peer 2 peer? Sometimes I feel that my skills arent connecting the other players (no damage) and they didnt jump away.

    Some people are very tanky and some of them very squishy (same class with pvp gear). Is that because of their Lv? Lv52 and 60 for example

    It's not peer 2 peer. It's based on server location, you should check your fps/ping statistics in options->graphics.

    What class are you and what class did you face? if the skill is connecting, it could be lag related, and the hitboxes are a bit weird at times. There's also Blocks and Misses that can happen randomly depending on certain statistics (Perfect Guard, Evasion)
    Yes, level can affect their HP directly through AP (attribute points). But they shouldn't be squishy, maybe they are missing pieces of pvp gear.

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  • Matchups Chart & Tierlist from Rank#1 (Jiho IGN)

    Matchups Chart & Tierlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Va-1DQroL_OLi-hFjsfLap42AAtB-RWNnoUkvLQvz_w/edit#gid=0

    Here's an image of it: IPHnW9w.png

    I've pvped on both NA-E and NA-W, and I have pvped on every single class, but I main Wizard since I can backattack while jumping.
    I also streamed my pvp sessions @ twitch.tv/will1v1

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    Also here's my related reddit thread
  • Difference in PvP between Lv52 and 60

    Is there a big difference when you do PvP with Lv52 and then you do PvP with a Lv60? Do you get more HP or something when your Lv is higher in PvP?

    Hello, top pvper here (ign Jiho)

    Lv52 and Lv60 nets you 8 skill points, which can be very important for certain classes (Thief, Soulbinder, Runeblader). You should also look into trophies for skill points.

    Since you aren't lvl 60, you are probably missing AP (attribute points, image here: https://i.imgur.com/dGTNXg6.png). AP you usually get from Prestige Level, which maxes at 95 (for AP gain).

    Not even I have Prestige 90 yet, but it's definitely a marginal boost in stats (maybe 10-20% damage?)

    If you'd like to learn more, join the ms2 pvp discord at bit.ly/ms2pvp. (Not sure if this is allowed to say, can edit out if needed.)
  • No players in PvP Arena 1v1? ?

    Solosti wrote: »
    There is a very large pvp community that was discouraged from playing current Maple Arena because of class balance. Knights/Wizards are extremely top tier along with other very strong classes overshadowing some horribly weak classes possibly due to 1H weapon scaling. (Thieves & Assassins).

    Until they revise Maple Arena PVP Balance, the pvp will remain pretty dead.

    hi, top pvper here (ign Jiho)

    While I agree the balance is not "ideal", it's far from the reason that ms2 pvp is dead (and I think the balance is not so bad).

    It's mainly because of no exposure of it's existence and no incentive to the mode.

    I did some matches in Arena and all I got was a knight 8 times in a row and then I got one thief and two wizards. Then I got the knight again 4 times in a row. Is that normal?
    I thought the game had a lot players but PvP seems very dead. Is there 2v2 and 3v3 too? Or is there only 1v1?

    There is no 2v2 and 3v3 currently. There used to be GvG which had those modes built in, but currently the Maple Arena is only 1v1. It's normal to get the same players, it's somewhat common nowadays in "matchmaking pvp" games/modes in MMOs and other games.

    I encourage you to ask the knight player that you were matched against for tips! what server were you on?