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  • Why Rush To Level 50?

    Its not really a rush, I would say getting to lv 50 is barely an investment compared to how MS1 is (or was, I have no clue how it currently is)

    In Ms1 people looked at levels like an achievement as not a soul was level 200 and everyone looked at the top few as either no lives or cheats using multiple people on a single account to grind. Even then levels would stay the same for days or even weeks at a time for someone to grind out a level up.

    In MS2 each story instance gives exp and some gear and each one gives you enough to access the next story segment and in such a way that at the conclusion you'll be lvl 50. If your invested in the story then you'd get to lvl 50 in a day. You won't have all the achievement points and whatnot since some are tied to achievement but you'll be 50 and decently enough geared in addition the acheives will be easier since you've been around the map and have the added power.
  • Oct 1st Head Start

    Gailrin wrote: »
    I never really understand this"absolute need" to race through content. Everything will still be there when you finally get a chance to play.

    It's to lock in dominance more or less
    10 days early means 10 days to farm and 10 days for the auction hall meaning to gather enough gold to control the flow of resources. Your max level you can farm items they may need they'll have to buy from you and you'll be the one with the gold needed to flip the items they start to post. Maybe even buy them all up and reprice them.

    Basic point 10 days is overkill and there is no playing catchup with that sort of financial lead from not only the meso standpoint but the merit shop as well. On Oct 10th it will be the founders who control the market and they'll be the one to lock in designs in the merit shop as well.

    Sounds like your making up a bunch of nonsense in an attempt to split people

    If they don't want to pay you can't force them nor will shilling out for a company change anyones mind about anything if anything it gives the image of a weaker company and the sense that P2W must exist somewhere. This is a company they don't need need defenders and if a company does then they there is obviously something amiss that needs to be looked into.
  • Theory Crash and Burn Scheme

    Hexabusa wrote: »
    They're usually dead on the weekends so I hope something is waiting to be addressed on a weekday.

    It has felt like an ad campaign that's gone on for far too long, especially for a game that has previous servers and caters to a niche playerbase. But I think it's funny that they might have had a better reception if they never implemented Mushking. There would be no exploiters, abusers, witch hunts, broken EXP event. What could people complain about if those things never existed? Of course, they'd find something, but it would be less than the current situation.

    I'm sure this long founder pack sale is coming in nicely. It is a business, after all. I just wish they wouldn't give people the chance to think too long about buying it or not / get a refund.

    Exactly the Mushking focuses the playerbase into a single mode and everyone gets the see the issues up close and in detail. If it was never implemented then people would be scattered in different modes and doing different things from hardcore to Rping. An issue would be overlooked because the playerbase would be so widespread that most of them would never have to deal with it or wouldn't even be aware of the issue in the first place. They are all in a single mode some for the mode others to farm items for uses in other modes but the entire playerbase is a solid mass currently that is well aware.
  • Theory Crash and Burn Scheme

    There is a precedent for this sort of thing with MMO's and other games

    Pull as much cash as possible in the early days and let it sit on autopilot till the whales are milked. Exploiters are still a source of income and leaving them be is indeed a red flag for this sort of practice. The game being released so far after the fact compared to its other versions is also a major flag. If they were touting a content patch schedule to catch up to Korea and eliminated exploiters you know the basic stuff needed for long term success then I'd disagree. However we've seen plenty from Betas and BR to back up your claims the community itself isn't really monitored either and toxicity remains unpunished.