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  • So how about those side activities, huh

    It's funny because I was just reflecting on a lot of these same points the other day.

    The closed-beta's felt like a very different game from what we're playing at present. There wasn't so much emphasis on gear progression because there wasn't a whole lot of time to experience hard adventure dungeons or raids in the short time frame that we were given. Instead, people focused on the casual aspects of the game -- like housing and music -- and the novelty of these features kept the game interesting. But, as you mentioned, in seems that that novelty has worn off and the devs have unfortunately done little to renew interest in these features.

    It's a shame that the game's longevity is so dependent on gear progression that's based heavily on probability.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Variance on Equipment Bonuses PT/EN

    Guild Wars 2 adopted something similar in how they handled stats on equipment and I felt it worked really well. But unlike Guild Wars 2, there isn't much build-crafting that goes into equipment stats in MapleStory 2 -- the objective is just to get as much piercing/boss damage as possible, while most other bonus attributes are useless.

    Changing the current system to make bonus attributes fixed to specific equipment as you suggested wouldn't change the game very much in the grand scheme of things, as everyone would still be grinding to get a shot at whatever equipment provides piercing/boss damage (assuming that equipment is still randomly awarded and that players cannot choose stats on their loot). And if you were to tweak the system to remove RNG all together and let players choose the bonus attributes on their equipment, you'd end up with equipment prefixes that are completely unused.
  • b4 scammers

    Locked for witch hunting.

    Paying meso for dungeon runs was something developed by the community and was never intended by the developers. If you choose to do so, you should understand that you pay at your own risk.
  • [READ FIRST] October QUESTIONS Thread

    Did everyone receive their registration items already? Nobody from my group of friends have gotten their items yet and we were all registered before the 10th. Are they releasing them in waves?

    @Phoshizzlit, the items were indeed sent out. I don't believe they are being sent in waves. Be sure to check your mailbox for the rewards as they were sent there, and if they are indeed missing I would recommend sending a ticket to customer support.


    Mipie wrote: »
    Is there a reason why the "Hide Other Characters" option is not working? My laptop isn't the best so I wanted to limit the amount of people I see because I'm lagging terribly. I made sure I put it on "Always Hide", but it is still showing every single person that's in the area! Am I not doing something right? Please help!

    @Mipie, you may also have to go to Options -> Game -> Status Text and then uncheck all the boxes so that their name plates are also hidden.

    Bebop wrote: »
    Are we going to get the Gift System back anytime soon? I assumed with the mailing thing being cut off to fend off bots, so the gifting kinda got put in that mold. I'd like to be able to send stuff to my friends though.

    @Bebop, the mail function has been disabled because of the prevalence of gold selling bots, as you mentioned. Unfortunately we do not yet know when the devs plan to re-introduce this function; this will likely follow after they come up with a solution to re-work the mail system to be difficult for bots to use.

    Mayham27 wrote: »
    My question is how do we get rid of gear that builds up in your inventory that you cant get rid of? I have a whole stash full of low level gear that i cant sell/dismantal. Is there something im overlooking. I really want to get rid of this useless gear but cant?

    @Mayham27, unfortunately the only thing you can do with those equipment pieces is to discard them.
  • [READ FIRST] October QUESTIONS Thread

    Greetings, Maplers!

    With official launch happening in just a few hours, we're expecting an influx of newer players with questions about the game. To keep General Chat as organized as possible, we kindly ask that you please direct all questions regarding the game to this thread and not post a new thread. It will increase the likelihood of your question being answered by a moderator or a fellow Mapler as it would sink to the bottom of the front page otherwise. ;)

    When responding to another player's question, please quote their original post and mention them (@ before their username) in your response so they will get a notification of your answer.

    Thanks for your cooperation, and happy mapling!