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Going on hiatus for this game until it get it's poop together. The RNG stress isn't worth it.


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December 16, 1998
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Hello, I'm Sherri! ♥ I've been playing the game since the first CBT and I hope for nothing but the best for MS2's future! I'm on NA East | My mains are Adea (Wizard, my MAIN), Mercuryy (Archer, my cuddly boi I need to make strong and protect forever ♥) and Clancy (Heavy Gunner, mad scientist, angry he's not getting as much attention as Mercuryy rn lmao) ♪

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  • Logging Onto Your Selected Channel

    Hello and thanks for reading!
    What I'm about to suggest is already being used in a game called Mabinogi, so I'll use it as an example. When you log into the game, you choose what character you want. Then you get to choose what channel you'd like to log into. When I played Mabinogi, I could always play on Channel 6.

    Now that is something this game really needs. I'm sure many of you are constantly sick of getting logged into Channel 1 as I am and would love to select a channel of their own to log into every day, which is why I would like to suggest this addition to the game.

    Again, thank you for reading and I wish everyone a great day! Happy mapling!

    IGN: Adea
    Server: NA East
  • Hairstyle, Dyeable Tails, Mannequin Outfits

    I'd like it if all the eye and hair styles were unisex, it's kinda dumb that there's a gender lock on them all.
  • Can we please have a summon time on flying mounts!

    No thanks, I enjoy flying and watching people fight so this wouldn't let me safely watch people fight lol
  • "State of the Game Week 5" by Jungsoo Lee

    Thank you for not changing the Chaos Raids, they're fine the way they are. The only people complaining are those who want rewards spoonfed to them like they're babies.
  • Mesos to Red Merets: a little discussion I guess

    Sherri wrote: »
    Ugh yes, I just want another way to get instruments. I'm sooo not paying five dollars for every instrument. That'll cost like.. oh lord math..
    like $125+!
    Not counting if you want them on other characters!

    Yeah !!! Ever since the red meret giveaways I've been mostly using them to get instruments (I got the saxophone awhile ago from the last one) I plan to get more instruments since I enjoy performing music a lot

    I managed to get a Vibraphone and a Trumpet.
    Oh, speaking of which.. another thing they should offer for red merets is inventory space.
    390 for 6 slots, yikes..