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MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/56486/service-discontinuation


Going on hiatus for this game until it get it's poop together. The RNG stress isn't worth it.


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December 16, 1998
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Your friendly neighborhood Anglophile ~ ♪
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Hello, I'm Sherri! ♥ I've been playing the game since the first CBT and I hope for nothing but the best for MS2's future! I'm on NA East | My mains are Adea (Wizard, my MAIN), Mercuryy (Archer, my cuddly boi I need to make strong and protect forever ♥) and Clancy (Heavy Gunner, mad scientist, angry he's not getting as much attention as Mercuryy rn lmao) ♪

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  • Goodbye

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    Xionicomad wrote: »
    WiLBoY wrote: »
    MochiAi wrote: »
    WiLBoY wrote: »

    How old are you?

    Nice discussion. Cat got your mouth or something? Go back to your can.

    Nah. There's nothing to discuss with a player who has trouble understanding an argument and starts putting words into another person's mouth. I never said they should have expected a turd storm. I said they should have expected what kind of game this is. Understand?

    You're far too ignorant. This exact attitude is why Wildstar ended up dying and shutting down. The community shut away people with legit complaints and the devs did as well.

    I ended up not playing anymore. The current state of the game is boring and I even have 4.2k GS. There is no carrot at the end of the stick for people to stick around. At least with Maplestory 1 they have levels to keep you occupied. This has nothing.

    You have 4.2K GS. You can't even raid. No wonder the game is boring for you. I would be too role playing and playing music buddy.

    People like you are the worst. That's the worst mindset a person could ever have.
  • "3 day ban for suspicious activity" ?

    TTom wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Yikes, toxic thread. Hope you get that ban fixed dude.

    What you think of me does not matter to me. I wanted to see you banned unfairly, if you would come here with flowers and hugs. Now, your opinion and trash, to me is the same.
    Eino wrote: »
    I'm guessing if your ban wasn't lifted in this wave, you'll have to wait the ban out.

    I was also banned. I was banned for a day and a half, without my knowing why.

    You must of read my statement wrong, I was wishing them to get their ban lifted lmao
  • Goodbye

    I've been considering not running dungeons either, I hear it's relaxing to take a break from it. You know it's sad when dungeons are the only way to progress in the game and nothing else.
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  • These forums are a mess

    Yeah, where are the moderators on these forums? :/
  • Meso Sellers - If you cannot defeat them join them

    I've been thinking the same thing lately, if they price it decently then everyone could get some, right?

    I just want these bots gone.