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Australian, Theologian, Actor, Writer, Singer, Pianist

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  • The Ultimate Archer Guide [Updated 2018-10-16]

    Last CBT, I followed the mobbing build in this guide entirely. This time, I'm doing more experimenting from 1-50 and trying to see if there are other things I like. I may end up scrapping the bossing/mobbing builds from 1-50 and use a single more well-rounded build until 50.
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  • Special Classes Release?

    EDIT: Nexon has teased the Runeblade class, the first to be released in KMS2 after launch. We're yet to find out if it will be available at launch for GMS2, but we should get that info at the MS2 Premiere on August 21st. There's still nothing about the other two classes.

  • When will we have the three new classes?

    To answer your question, they won't be available during CBT or at launch, and Nexon has made no announcements regarding their release: neither a timeline nor an order.
  • VFM Introduction - DrYoshiyahu

    Hey everyone!

    I'm DrYoshiyahu, but you can call me Yoshiyahu, Yoshi, or even 'Doc'. I'm a twenty-two-year-old theology student and a children's minister. In my spare time, I'm a stage actor, a writer, a singer, and a pianist, though only once ever at the same time. I've lived in Melbourne, Australia my whole life, so the time difference certainly makes things interesting: like when Nexon does a livestream at 4am my time.

    MapleStory was a huge part of my childhood, and even though I haven't played for many years, since I got my Bowmaster to 200, I still consider it to be my all-time favourite game. I'm incredibly excited for GMS2; I've been waiting ever since KMS2 was announced. You'll be able to find me in-game, on an Archer, in the Oceania server pretty much any time.

    Outside of this community, I'm also a moderator for the /r/Paladins subreddit, and formerly /r/Smite. I've got years of moderation experience, so I'm really looking forward to making these forums the best they can be. I can't wait to get to know everyone here!

  • GMS2 Censorship

    Drakooon wrote:
    majority of players want the game to be uncensored

    You cannot possibly know that. It's far more likely that the vast majority of players have no idea there is even a difference in the art between the Asian versions and the Western version, and it will probably stay that way forever.