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  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    Kaori wrote: »
    If we spend any merits on ugc/appearance it stays with you till release right?
    @Kaori: Yes. Everything you do from now until October is permanent.
    MewmewGirl wrote: »
    Or is it actually opening up for everybody now?
    @MewmewGirl: It's open for everyone.
    BlackPink wrote: »
    I am so confused.
    I bought a founder's pack, and I reserved my name few days ago. But I deleted it today (after the patch), and remade it on the Royale because they wouldn't let me on the MS2 one. Does that mean the remade one will still be saved? Just worried it won't get saved :'(
    @BlackPink: You don't have separate characters for Mushking Royale and the rest of the game. It's the same characters. There are no more account wipes.
    Vixie wrote: »
    @DrYoshiyahu, do you know if red merets will be in game?
    1. Is this the premium store we'll get on headstart?
    2. Are ALL of the starter clothes (ones in character creation) in there?
    3. Are some of these (for example, the white gloves) going to be the new UGC templates?
    @Vixie: There are red merets visible in-game right now. This is an early version of the cash shop, and it's obviously subject to change. I'm not sure how much of an impact they will have, given that Nexon has been actively and deliberately changing things from KMS2 to make sure that GMS2 is not P2W in any way.
    1. I'm not sure. It may be, but that's probably one of the parts of the game that could change the most before the launch.
    2. Yeah, they were all in the cash shop during CBT, as well.
    3. I'm not sure whether or not they're going to have more UGC templates or just allow users to add transparency to the current templates. Either way, Nexon is trying to give more freedom to UGC creators, specifically with regards to transparency.
    You've mentioned that people are able to create a Runeblade - though there doesn't seem to be an option to create one.
    @AnActualName: I'm not sure why that is, sorry. I got that information from the same news sources linked in the post. I'll ask Cuddles when they'll be available for character creation and get back to you.
  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    SiIver wrote: »
    What happens if you get into top 100 in mushking royale but already have a founders pack? Will you get two? :d

    @SiIver: Your second pack is converted into its market value in meret.
    Dalsia wrote: »
    How do you actually get the client to reserve a name?

    @Dalsia: You need to download the game from the Nexon launcher. If you already had it installed, there is a small update that was added yesterday for you to download.
  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    Anrie wrote: »
    Could cosplayers be considered to be apart of the Joddy squad :o?
    @Anrie: Possibly, yeah. The details aren't super clear, and I think that's because it's going to be pretty case-by-case. If a cosplayer has a large-enough following on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, etc, it'll be a lot easier for them to qualify.
    Zerolio wrote: »
    Will the mushking royale be available 24/7 or only during the weekends?
    @Zerolio: I'm not sure about the specifics of the Mushking event. If that information isn't written in-game when we log in in two hours, it will be in a blog post hopefully later this week.
    Fluffernut wrote: »
    1- On the released schedule, it said that Pre registration begins on September 24th. Any idea what this is for?
    @Fluffernut: That's a website event, similar to the Road Trip from CBT1. There will be rewards to earn during that time. It may also mark the day when the client can be downloaded and installed, but that's speculation.
    2- Do you think there is any leeway on Nexons side for the 9 day headstart being shortened?
    I would be extremely doubtful, given that this news was given to a large number of news outlets. That's a pretty significant redaction to make.
    3- Will the design shop be available during the Mushking royale for us to design templates in?
    I don't know, but I doubt it. We'll find out in ~2 hours any way.
    4- Will fair fight be tweeked?
    Yeah, they did confirm they're adjusting fair fight, and it will be disabled at chaos difficulty.
    5- What exactly is the Joddy squad?
    It's a reward program for streamers and content creators. It's similar to other game's partner programs, where you're rewarded for sharing the game with your following/fan base. The rewards they specifically named include a badge, chat bubble, shirt, balloon mount, and an emote.
    There's also opportunities for people who are particularly helpful or prominent within the community. This could include house designers, UGC designers; possibly even noteworthy members of the forums and Discord who show exceptional merit.
  • When Kabo was released in KMS2, what else was?

    Don't expect any of the GMS2 updates to reflect the updates that KMS2 or CMS2 had. The content in each update has been split up entirely, and is appearing in totally different orders to what the other versions had.

    For example: here's a list of things that we had in CBT2 and when KMS2 got them:

    • Fishing/Music - December 2015
    • Pets - January 2016
    • Arcade and Maple Guide - March 2016
    • Maple Arena - April 2016
    • Restart (Epic quests, removal of Beginner class, new life skills, new exploration goals, new housing, class overhauls, inventory reorganization) - December 2016
    • Skill Points and Stat Points from achievements and quests - May 2017
    • Battle Pets - July 2017
    • Mushking Royale - April 2018
    • Rainbow Slime Event - May 2018

    Now here's a list of things that we didn't have in CBT2 and when KMS2 got them:

    • Runeblade - December 2015
    • Karkar island - December 2015
    • Level 99 cap - June 2016
    • Striker - July 2016
    • Soul Binder - August 2016
    • Class Awakenings - July 2018

    @DanDK The teases that we've gotten from Twitter have been teases for the Runeblade, Karkar Island, and Kabo. That's it, so far.
  • Why not 1 mega server and separate regions by ch?

    I've suggested this before. It would be so much better for everyone if we weren't locked to specific regions. I want to add my Australian friends, my American friends, and my European friends in-game and play with them all when they're online. I don't want to be stuck on one server forever. What if the playerbase in that server drops off? What if I'm playing at 4am and there's no one to do raids with on that server? What if I move overseas?

    There's so many issues with the way Nexon forces characters to only interact with players on a single server. It's even worse, now that they're allowing usernames to exist on multiple servers. What if they do allow you to change servers one day? What if they have to merge two low-population servers in the future? You can just say goodbye to your characters' names.

    Also, from the perspective of a player, I can see no downsides whatsoever. I'd love it if someone that voted no could explain why.