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  • Give us an item to change class once RB comes out

    I think it's important to remember, in this situation, that when the Founder's Pack and name reservation was announced, Runeblades weren't even on the radar for players. People that bought Founder's Packs before that announcement did so without knowing whether Runeblades would be playable at launch, so I don't think they have any right to complain about the situation, unless their complaint is that they wouldn't have bought the Founder's Pack if they'd known Runeblades would be playable.

    Yes, it might suck for players that want to main a Runeblade that Runeblades aren't available until the first patch, but the same is true of players that want to main a Soul Binder or a Striker. When those classes are released, people will have to start over on a new character without all the MKR trophies and Founder's Pack rewards. I don't think anyone's going to be complaining, when the Soul Binder is released in December, that they weren't able to make their first character, back in August, a Soul Binder.

    It's helpful to not think of Runeblades as a release class, but to think of them as a new class coming in the first major content update. Because, let's be frank, the full game will have been playable for a week and a half before Runeblades are added.
  • Mushking Royal Trophies

    Yeah, I don't know if anyone will ever get 1,000 kills with each weapon, but expecting people to do that on more than one account is absurd. We'd be lucky to have unlocked those trophies after a year of playing Mushking Royale on even a single character.

    The 1,000 kill trophies should definitely be account-wide.
  • What items will be carried over to the launch

    Everything you achieve from now on is permanent, excluding anything gained through exploits.
  • Please let us queue for MKR for different servers

    It's getting worse. At 4:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, neither the solo queues nor the squad queues were popping. It's not going to be possible for any of us to finish the Royale Pass if we never get any experience. I don't care how high the latency is, I just want to play the game.
  • Please let us queue for MKR for different servers

    Nexon really needs to do something to help the oceanic scene grow, or it's going to have issues with longevity. Just as I predicted over and over, the server is completely dead during the middle of the night. Already, it's very rare that the squad queue will pop even during the day, but after midnight, the solo queue stops popping too. There's about a ten-hour period in the early hours of the morning where there is literally nothing happening on the server. People sit in queue for hours, just hoping that we'll somehow have enough players to make a game happen.

    There's oceanic players that want to enjoy the game and continue grinding during that time, but we're literally helpless. For us night owls, we're actually unable to progress in the game after about midnight. There just isn't a big-enough population. If people on other servers thought grinding through the Royale Pass levels was tough, imagine if you couldn't make any progress after midnight. This is the reason people in Oceania are considering abandoning the server and migrating to NA.

    There's an extremely obvious solution: allow us to queue for MKR (and other minigames/dungeons/raids) on other servers, or, better yet, do it automatically, and force us to play with players on another server if the queue doesn't pop after a certain amount of time. We all saw this coming, because any Australian who's played a multiplayer game that isn't exceedingly popular will tell you that oceanic servers always have population issues, and rarely see attention outside of peak hours. The entire region of Oceania has a population comparable to just the state of California alone.

    If MKR isn't popping during off-peak hours at this stage in the game's lifetime, what will it be like when the game launches and MKR is just one of a hundred things a player can do? Nexon should use this pre-season to address the issue before the game is released.