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  • What is the advantage of using instant gathering v

    Don't use instant gathering on nodes that give experience. If it gives experience, collect it normally, and if it doesn't, use an instant gathering coupon.
  • Offline characters in houses as NPCs

    It would be so cool if your characters wandered around your house as an NPC if you logged off while in your house. I'd love to be able to have my various characters all talk to each other, and it'd make the house feel a lot more alive.
  • Trophy tracker

    This is a really simple suggestion: I'd just love the ability to put trophies in the quest tracker, so I can see how much progress I'm making, as I make it, without the need to open the trophy window.
  • The Ultimate Archer Guide [Updated 2018-10-16]

    I've just updated this guide based on all of the data we collected during CBT 2, just in time for the Head Start! Rather than two separate builds for early game bossing and mobbing, the guide now has a single build for the early game, based not only on the fact that Arrow Barrage can be clunky, and the movement it offers is sometimes unwanted, but also the fact that most players spend their early game doing the Epic Quests, which means a build optimized for bosses is better.

    The guide also now goes all the way to level 87, which is the equivalent of level 60 and 27 bonus skill points. Beyond that, and player preference takes precedent over min-maxing, though there are some basic guidelines for post-87 at the end of the guide.

    If anyone sees any issues with the guide, or otherwise has any comments or concerns, please, as always, let me know! This will always be a continuous work in progress. :)
  • Let us sort trophies by difficulty (popularity)

    Imagine if, next to every trophy, the percentage of characters that had earned the trophy was shown. Now imagine if players were able to sort the trophies by that number. There's a few compelling reasons why this would be a significant addition for quality of life:

    1. To show players which trophies can be done easily. If a character has 490 and just needs 10 more, rather than scrolling through the entire list of trophies and trying to work out what they can do quickly, it would be much easier if they could just click a button and have all the easiest trophies pop up to the top of the list. Additionally, the ability to filter trophies by SP and AP rewards and then sort them by most to least obtained will show players, at a glance, which points are the most obtainable for them.
    2. To show players what they've achieved in relation to other players. If a player has one of the least-earned trophies in the game, it would be nice for that player to be able to recognize that, and know that that's an achievement. Otherwise, there's no way to tell. Say a player spent days trying to unlock one specific trophy: whether there are 100 other characters with the trophy or 100,000 other characters totally changes how significant of an achievement it really is.
    3. To show players how hard each title, stat point, dye, and other rewards are. If a player wants a particular title, for example, the ability to see whether 10% of the population or 0.1% of the population have earned the title will put into perspective how difficult or time consuming it could be, or rather how popular the title is. Currently, some rewards seem deceptively obtainable until actually attempted.

    One issue is how small the numbers may be, given that so many characters are alt/mule accounts, and many will belong to inactive players. I would propose that this stat only shows the percentage of level 50 characters that have been played in the last three months, to avoid unreasonably small numbers, like 0.0001% of characters unlocking a particular trophy, for example.

    Yes, it's a lot of data to collate and calculate, but it only needs to be updated as often as a daily reset/weekly reset/server maintenance, and it's such a powerful QoL change that I would imagine people would be using it on a very regular basis, for all of the reasons I've described.