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  • Overly Specific Maple OX Quiz Questions

    My personal pet peeve is the statement that "Pretoria is the capital of the Republic of South Africa".

    This is completely false. I've seen this question posed as true and I've seen the same question but with Johannesburg instead of Pretoria posed as false, with the former question as the correct answer given for the latter. But depending on how you look at it, South Africa either has three capital cities or none. Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town could all be described as capital cities, with Cape Town being the location of the National Parliament, so the question with Johannesburg is definitely false, and the game is right to say it is. But to say that Pretoria is "the" capital is just objectively wrong.
  • Why does the weapon reroller change the attribute?

    The scrolls specifically say what they do in the item description, and when you're in the rerolling window, before you make any decisions, it tells you exactly what's about to happen. Note at the bottom of this screenshot:

    Bonus attribute types will be modified.
    Bonus attribute values will be modified.
    Weapon attack value will be modified if you have...
  • Yet another Archer bug

    I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, even against the same mobs in the same location you experienced it.

    Are you still experiencing it?
  • Do you think we'll get a hammer/blunt weapon user?

    I really hope they do something new for the melee classes. We've now got three sword users, and nothing for axes, maces, hammers, or spears.
  • Ultimate Archer Reference by Delta

    Hey, there's some great information here, but one glaring issue seems to have had a big impact on all your skill builds, that I just want to address, because it could really hurt you in the future. That's the idea that Bronze Eagle is the "best buff". It has a strong level 1, that everyone should have, but levels 2-10 are pathetically weak. The difference between 0 and 1 is bigger than the difference between 1 and 10.

    At level 60, with 25 prestige and every attribute point you can get from trophies, I have 482 DEX. From 2-10, each level of Bronze Eagle increases my DEX by 0.3%, which is less than 1.5 DEX per skill point. Each point in DEX is equal to less than a single point of physical attack, which means that a skill point in Bronze Eagle doesn't necessarily correspond to an increase in physical attack, as written on the character's stat sheet. It's likely that the damage calculator takes decimals into account, but if it doesn't, it's entirely possible that you could put a skill point into Bronze Eagle and actually not see any mathematical increase in DPS.

    Now, compare that to Conditioning, which just flat-out increases your physical attack. Since we know that, even with close to 500 DEX, a point in Bronze Eagle is less than an increase of 1 physical attack, we know that even if your physical attack is as low as 168, every point in Conditioning is stronger, because from 168 onward, every .6% increase is at least +1. EDIT: Mine is 237 at base, so I'm getting almost 1.5 physical attack for each point in Conditioning.

    Given that your damage as a whole is your weapon attack multiplied by your physical attack, the number shown in Conditioning is just a straight 1:1 increase in DPS, since it's another multiplier. The 6.4% increase from level 10 Conditioning is, in theory, a 6.4% increase in DPS.

    As for Agile Archer, which you've given just a single star, that will be the most important buff for chaos raids. It may not seem all that important right now - though I will mention that it is statistically better to spend 8 points unlocking Agile Archer just to get 1 point of it than it is to spend those 9 points on Bronze Eagle - but when chaos raids are added in November, piercing will be the most important stat in the game. It already defines the economy, and items with even 3 or 4% piercing are sold for several millions of mesos, even if they're not epic items, while an identical item without piercing is disenchanted or practically given away.

    The ability to get 6.4% piercing for free is one of the things that makes archers so strong at late-game content and it will be instantly noticeable who has piercing and who doesn't, when chaos raids are attempted.